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    dracindo, 25 september 2017 14:39

    Dealing with anger in Moba's and FPS games

    Nobody likes to lose, and nobody likes to hear it when they lost. Follow these simple tips to keep yourself from throwing your PC out of your window.

    This article will present some anger management tips for the lovers of Moba and Shooter games, though they can easily apply on other (types of) games as well. Keep in mind, this article just provides useful tips for those that don't want to be the guy that shouts into their microphone all the time. If you really want to be angry, throwing your keyboard away and punching people in the face, you should probably look for professional help.

    1. You can't win them all

      This is a fact everyone has to face. You can't win every match you ever play. It can be frustrating to lose a match, but instead of being angry at your team, take a look at what you could've done. Look back at your mistakes and learn from them to become a better player. If your loss was really to blame on your team, then you should've given them directions. Tell them to stop trying the same thing and focus on another objective or target. And do say so in a positive or neutral manner, not as in "Focus A, N00B".

      If they just straight up ignore your suggestions... Well, blame your team as well. But there are always things you yourself could've done better.
    2. Take breaks on losing streaks

      It's recommended to take a break when you're on a losing streak. I know, you want to kill that streak with a win, but the more frustrated you are, the harder you'll make it for yourself to actually win. Take a moment to go outside or do something relaxing. If the game has bot matches, play a round against those. In most games, those are a guaranteed win. It may not be the win you wanted, but seeing that victory screen again and looking at a high Kill/Death Ratio next to your name does make you feel a bit better.

      I would recommend players to take a break after 2 consecutive losses.
    3. Speech is silver, silence is gold


      If you're really getting frustrated, and you feel like you can't help your team in a positive or neutral manner, then keep your mouth shut. It has been proven that a negative attitude towards your team will only make things worse. Everyone will play even worse, causing you to be even more toxic towards your team. It's a vicious circle that you don't want to start if you still want to win.

      Does that mean you should always give them credit every time they accomplish something great? Once in a while, yes, but make sure you pick the right time and words. For example, a player just killed 2 enemies on his own and then dies. If you write him a "Good job" after his death, he might take it as an sarcasm, as in "Wow, good job killing only 2 guys, noob." Make sure they know you're trying to be helpful, as this might make the other player toxic towards you, causing you to play worse, making him more angry, and the circle begins again.

      So watch your tongue when you talk. You want to win, right? Then don't poison your own team.

    4. How to keep it cool on a guaranteed loss

      You know those matches, where one guy is playing a character for the first time, another one got disconnected, and one guy is dancing in the spawn? Annoying, ain't it? Yelling at your team isn't going to help, and you can't keep yelling orders to your team without taking care of yourself. As my first point: You can't win them all. So what do you do in this scenario, without ragequitting? Simple: Try new things.

      It's already a loss and if almost nobody is taking it serious anymore, you might as well do things differently. Maybe you can practice on a stylish 360 no-scope. Or maybe this support character can played more aggresively. This is a good chance to try out new builds and see if they are any more effective then how you usually play. Of course, if everyone on your team is still taking it seriously, then try to hang in there. Comebacks are always possible.

      If you notice that everyone has given up, then you're free to play how you see fit. It's a loss anyway, might as well learn something new.

    5. Someone else is being toxic


      Simply don't react to these kind of people. If nobody responds to this guy, then he may eventually stop. That doesn't mean he gets to go off so easily. If this guy has really gotten on your nerves, report him, and let the game deal with it. If there is an ignore button, press it. If he starts yelling, you can take proper steps to ban him from the game.

      If it's a friend, then take a break after the game and try to calm him down. If he really is too much of a bother, tell him you no longer want to play that game or other games with him. Losing isn't fun, but if you're with friends, you can all at least be good sports to each other, so everybody will still be in the mood for another game. Also, don't rub salt in the wound by laughing at all the mistakes he's making.

    6. I know we lost, I was there

      Finally, unless you've won against good friends, don't every say it when somebody loses. There is nothing that creates more toxicity than saying someone lost. Don't think you'll never get to see them again, karma can be a b**** sometimes. If not for them, do it for yourself. If you keep humiliating your opponents, you will think of yourself as the gaming god, who's actions are flawless and 100% accurate. Thus you will never look at your flaws, and always blame your team when you lost, which brings us back to point 1 of this article.

      Don't be a sore loser and don't be sore winner. End a match with a "gg wp" for everyone, and return a simple thank you for every praise you've received. If the people around you keep their cool, it'll be much easier for you to do the same.

    Rate this article Dealing with anger in Moba's and FPS games

    (4.67/5) 15 rates


    I always want to yell at people, but now I can try to be a better person

    31 december 2020 09:35

    Some good advice here.

    20 february 2020 07:02

    Nice article, I always want to yell at people, but now I can try to be a better person.

    10 march 2020 15:17

    Nice article, I always want to yell at people, but now I can try to be a better person.

    10 september 2020 10:05