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    (4.46/5) 230 rates
    foxygameruk, 3 august 2020 23:17

    Dead by Daylight 101

    Dead by Daylight is an indie horror/survival game developed by Behavior Interactive.In this game The Survivors need to escape The Trial by repairing 5 Generators,while The Killer tries to kill them.The game was published on 14th of July 2016,and still remains one of the best horror games out there 4 years later.


    • Perks are a key mechanic in DBD,giving to a character an advantage to help survive The Trial.Additional Perk Slots are unlocked at levels:5,10,15.There are a total of 134 Perks (66 Killer Perks and 68 Survivor Perks).
    • There are Unique Perks to every Character:
              Adrenaline - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki          Hex: Ruin - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki         Dying Light - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki
             Adrenaline,Meg Thomas Perk; Hex:Ruin,The Hag Perk; Dying Light,The Shape Perk ,etc.

    • There are Non-Unique Perks as well,available for all Characters in The Bloodweb:
              Lightweight - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki          Whispers - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki         Dark Sense - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki
             Lightweight,Survivor Perk; Whispers,Killer Perk; Dark Sense,Survivor Perk

    • Unique Perks can be learned by other Survivors (Teachable Perks).You can buy them from The Shop (2000 Iridescent Shards from Shrine of Secrets) or from The Bloodweb (5000 Bloodpoints).
    • Perks have Rarities: Common (Brown),Uncommon (Yellow),Rare (Green),Very Rare (Purple),Ultra Rare (Pink),Teachable (Orange).


    • There are 6 currencies,but only 3 important:
    • Bloodpoints are gained by Surviving The Trial,Completing Daily Rituals,Repairing Generators,Healing,Killing or Chasing Survivors,etc.The Bloodpoints can be spend on Perks,Offerings,Items and Add-Ons from The Bloodweb (Teachable Perks can be obtained in The Shop).
    • Iridescent Shards are obtained by Leveling-Up your Player Account Level with XP.With them you can buy Teachable Perks,Characters,Customisation Items,Killers and Survivors.
    • Auric Cells can only be purchased with money from the shop.The majority of The Characters can be bought with Auric Cells and Iridescent Shards (500 AC/9000 IS),but some characters can be bought only with Auric Cells.

    The Bloodweb:

    • The Bloodweb is the only way to get Perks,Add-Ons,Offerings,Items and Add-Ons (Except from The Chests and The Shop).The items on The Bloodweb are random every time.
    • When The Bloodweb is completed (The Player bought all the items) a new Bloodweb will apear and The Survivor/Killer will Level-Up.There are 50 Levels,when a Bloodweb reaches level 50,The Survivor/Killer has the option to prestige,reseting The Bloodweb/Level back to 1.
    • At Level 10 The Entity will try to steal your items on The Bloodweb.


    • Offerings can be used by The Killer and The Survivors to influence The Trial (to have a higher chance to be send on a respective map,to thicken the dark mist,to give more BP),burning them in the campfire at the biggining of The Trial.After The Offerings are burned,those Offerings will be lost forever.There are 103 Offerings.
                    Fresh Bog Laurel - Official Dead by Daylight WikiWhite Ward - Official Dead by Daylight WikiArdent Raven Wreath - Official Dead by Daylight Wiki
             Fresh Bog,Survivor Offering; White Ward,Survivor Offering; Ardent Raven,Killer Offering

    • There are Common Offerings (Brown),Uncommon Offerings (Yellow),Rare Offerings (Green),Very Rare (Offerings),Ultra Rare Offerings (Pink) and Event Offerings (Orange).


    • Items can be bought from The Bloodweb or found in chest and they are used to help The Survivor.The equivalent of items are Powers for Killers (Killers cannot have items).There are 25 Items and 456 Add-Ons.
    • With The Flashlight you can blind The Killer temporary,,with The Medkit you can heal yourself/others,with The Map you can locate The Hatch,Generators and more,with The Key you can open The Hatch,with The Toolbox you can Sabotage Hooks and repair Generators.
    • Add-Ons are complimentary items used to make items more usefull.Killers mostly depend on Add-Ons to help them and boost their Power.
    • There are Common Items/Add-Ons (Brown),Uncommon Items/Add-Ons (Yellow),Rare Items/Add-Ons (Green),Very Rare Items/Add-Ons (Purple),Ultra Rare Items/Add-Ons (Pink) and Event Items (Orange).

    The Trial:

    • On the map are 7 Generators,4 Survivors,1 Killer,2 Exit Gates,One Hatch and one Killer Shack/Basement.After all The Generators are done,The Survivors should go to The Exit Gates and escape The Trial.
    • If you are the last survivor The Hatch will spawn and you could escape if The Gates are not open.
    • The Killer can hit you one time without leaving you in the dying state.If you are in a Locker or in the dying state he can pick you up and hook you.If you are hooked there are 2 options.One,you try to free yourself (4% chance of working) or two,wait for someone to free you.   

    Rate this article Dead by Daylight 101

    (4.46/5) 230 rates


    *** i sow like this game i play in it every day 🤗

    5 september 2020 17:36

    How you make the picture that the colour is swicthed green, purple, and red. It's awsome dude.

    29 august 2020 05:57

    Gangstar SwiftKey SwiftKey

    13 september 2020 20:47

    Don't really like this game. By the way good article

    18 august 2020 07:41

    dead by daylight good game but i like friddey 13

    30 august 2020 12:28

    Not fan of this game, but decent write up.

    26 august 2020 10:29

    very good dead by dayling good games

    24 august 2020 22:53

    Thanks!I will continue to make articles about DBD and other games... Any suggestions?

    4 august 2020 23:01

    Cool article

    5 august 2020 09:16

    DBD is the best game from steam!

    5 august 2020 10:28