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    (4.26/5) 38 rates
    Merisor, 19 may 2018 22:39

    Dark Souls 3

    Dark Souls 3 is the most action roleplay game developed by FromSoftware , and the fourth entry in the series. The game takes place in a post apocaliptic word in which you have to claim the souls of  17 bosses to reignite the fire. The game is full of traps , secrets and options. 
    You get to chose from  9 classes:
    Assassin which is monstly based on Dexterity and also have a higher Intelligence stat compared to the other melee classes and you get a spell that prevents fall damage and increases stealth , which makes things a little easy.
    Cleric is bassed on player's skill and comes with spells which heals him , can be usefull when you don't have to many Flasks.
    Deprived  well this is very simple , he has a club and a shield , this class was made for the more tryhard players.
    Herald a good choice for new players , comes with a knight armor , sword  , shield  and a  healing spell that will come in handy.
    Knight  which is in my opinion the best class to start with  comes with armor ,  sword  , shield , and a very good set of skills which might help you along the way.


                 Mercenary  which is the only one who starts with dual swords which makes your damage grater but the deffense a loot lower
    Pyromancer the names speaks for himself , is half Sorcerer half Knight , comes with a axe and a spell
    Sorcerer starts with a basic sword and shield to go along with the two sorcery spells and staff that you get at the start
    Thief get's a bow and some arrows to play , is for the more experience players , not recomended for new players.
    Warrior is the most powerfull class , starts with the highest Strength stat of any class in the game , and uses a axe and a shield                                                                    

    Now let's talk about the gameplay , the game is very simple , all you have to do , is kill , kill and do so more killing , ofcorse how you kill is up to you  , the game don't force you to go in a way , but in order to unlock new zones you shoud. As i said earlier the game is based on your charachter which is considerd The Chosen One , the one which will save the world . In this killing jurney you get friends which help you upgrade yourself , like:  Blacksmith Andre (upgrade armors/wepons) , Fire Keeper ( upgrade skills when level up) and many more.
    In the game you can find other NPC's not only the ones you have to kill or the ones who help you , you find NPC's which makes you remember the game , or play even more than you already do , like Siegward of Catarina which makes you remember him by wearing a onion head or the Sun Warrior which teach you to prise the Sun and many more funny NPC's

    The games ends in 4 ways :
    1.To Link the first flame-kill the Soul Cinder and link the first flame. Is the best ending , you just give the souls you aquierd in the travel and make the fire even stronger.
    2. The End of fire  -  In which  the Firekepper takes the flame and the flame stops burning. But the fire will return , after some time  and in the same time for now comes the Dark Age. But you end the cycle of The Chosen One.
    3. The Unkindled Ending -  In this ending you kill the Firekepper before she ends the flame. You take the fire for yourself and use his power.
    4. The usurpation of fire- the most complicated  , takes a lot of time to do and in this ending you don't use your souls you aquierd on your travel , you take the fire's power and you become Lord of Hallow.
    PS: don't kill her , not a good ending.

    Rate this article Dark Souls 3

    (4.26/5) 38 rates


    cool game and good job

    3 june 2018 12:02


    4 june 2018 13:32

    seriously dark souls is the best even though u die a lot but u never give up

    27 may 2018 18:49

    never liked this game

    5 june 2018 12:49

    tthe first game i finished the story even though i missed a hole map

    28 may 2018 16:07

    Good Avatar

    3 june 2018 09:14

    tvsiye edermisiniz

    31 may 2018 18:35

    ooo knight classic fun game but the bosses hard

    26 may 2020 16:02

    the best game in my opinion from the series I have 1000 hours played on this game I enjoy the most how it is not difficult and imperceptibly hard Txn Rate 5 Stars😍

    5 june 2020 00:11

    This week, a friend of mine deafeted the Nameless King(he stream it via Discord best feature screen share).It took like around 5 trys.We had a blast.

    9 july 2018 21:02