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    (4.5/5) 8 rates
    noobda, 15 november 2017 21:50

    Dangerous Dave [PC] - Review

    I have to say something about this game, its not just an executable file that holds the game, its the oldest game of all you've probably ever seen, but hey one of the oldest game of MS-DOS...

    To play this game you must either have a pretty old Operating System like Windows XP or lower like Windows 98 etc, for latest Operating Systems like Windows 7, 8 and 10 you guys need DOS Box, an emulator for DOS applications.

    Same thing goes for Linux, you'll need to install DOS Box first and then you'll have to execute some commands such that you'll be playing this game in no time :)

    Coming to this game, its the old classic game, may be called indie game but this game stands out from other indie games as this requires Pure Skill and nothing else....

    Read on to know more about this.........

    About the Game itself: 

    Dangerous Dave often known as the Dave Game from the year 


    , I'm not kidding this game is pretty old yet its not easy to complete the game in one go.... You'll know when you play the game.

    • Genre: Platform 2D game, maybe called as indie game
    • Developer and Designer: John Romero [you can see his name on the game's start screen itself]
    • Platforms: DOS, MS-DOS, Apple-II [For those who do not know what DOS is, it stands for Disk Operating System, and MS-MicroSoft], I guess everyone is smarter than all
    • Release date: October 1988

    The above is the very first level of the game, you'll have a total of 10 levels including 3-4 secret levels which will be uncovered once you pay interest at the game and get good at the game, well, those secret levels are just beside the checkpoints in some levels...


    Here there are only four movement keys, Up, Down, Left and Right which can be controlled with the corresponding arrow keys.... And for the special controls, there are just two of them to name, the first one is the revolver which you have to find one first and then hit yout Left Ctrl key to shoot.

    The Jerpack in the game can be triggered by hitting the Left Alt key on the keyboard...

    All you have to do in the game is to collect the 1UP, or the cup and then you can go through the door and proceed to the next level.
    You can see that this game gets hard and hard to beat as you level up, as there will be some tougher stages in some levels where you have to make some desicions which will inturn grant you an extra life if everything goes well.... xD

    You can clearly see that here there are 4 lives for the Dave, so they can be increased by collecting more points to some extent, or entering a bonus secret level where you can collect some stash....

    Pretty addicting and time killer game that has nothing to do with the hardware of the system, and neither the size of the game matters, its way less than 500KB... If you are interested in knowing how to run the game in latest windows versions, let me know, I'll make a guide for playing the game in Windows 10 using DOS Box...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Dangerous Dave [PC] - Review

    (4.5/5) 8 rates


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