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    (5/5) 1 rating
    Mrdox, 23 february 2018 20:46

    Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

    I tried Dangrunba for the first time when fans translated it into English on my PSP. The amount of admiration from both ends was enough to buy the PlayStation Vita with the second part that NIS America officially released there, and once again ... I was tempted to return the experience on the Steam platform and the PC, and I wanted the game to reach a larger fan base thanks to the spread of the grand platform among the audience compared to Vista.

    The first part of the game seemed to me as a mixture between several different experiences. The art and graphic style was similar to Atlas's Pearson series, in addition to the presence of dating elements to identify characters as deeply as the Social Links system. Cases and courts looked like Capcom's impressive Ace Attorney series, while the main storyline seemed like a combination of the company's Zero Escape series and the famous Japanese novel Battle Royale, which became like a genie or an independent class of stories. The novel talks about a group of students Japanese kill each other under the supervision of a government program. However, Dangneronba collected these elements to emerge with a unique and personal experience.

    As the story is the basis of the experience of Dangneronba, it will be the first thing I will talk about in this review of the second part (farewell to despair), the story of the creative Japanese writer Kazutaka Kodaka, who showed a writing skill that reflects a giant talent in this game. The game was a beautiful surprise for me personally, thanks to the wonderful jump in the police and crimes compared to the previous part, and I can confidently say that the first issue alone in this issue is the last issue in the original part.

    The story of Dangneronba 2 talks about the student Hajimi Hinata, who is trapped on Jabberwock Island with another group of the brightest students in Japan who are joined by the Academy of Hope. Each of these students is the best in a particular field in Japan. There are the best mechanic, there are the best student lucky and there are the best fanciers and other wonderful ideas. In this island there is one way to survive and survive: commit a murder and then not uncover the murderer during the trial held by the students among themselves to find out the culprit.

    Deadly despair overwhelms faces of characters

    The beginning of the game seems a bit slow at the story level but once the first crime occurs the game will turn upside down and the experience will be full of excitement and suspense. The game is full of tragedies and tragedies, and we believe that the death of many characters will leave you in a state of shock and a great sense of regret and bitterness, especially if the dead characters close to your heart and love you. The best and most brilliant character is the controversial Nagito Kumaida.

    Do not forget the miscarried Nagito Komaeda easily

    As a game that belongs to Visual Novels, this means that most of your time in this game will be spent reading texts, but the game also has a game side. Exploring the game looks very simple as you move the cursor on the background and press a button to scan backgrounds like "point and click" games, and the control process looks smooth and perfect as I never miss the touch screen of the Vita. However, I did not like the map of the game very much in fact, and the way it moved sideways seemed to me a step backward compared to the first part and the ramification of the islands in the game is a bit misleading. During partial investigation things will not change much so you will talk to the characters and collect evidence in an attempt to find out what really happened.

    A collection of coolest detective issues in the gaming world, an exciting story filled with disconcerting surprises of minds and a wonderful ending, supporting original Japanese voices.
    The game is one of the best storytelling products in the gaming world and the character of Nagito Kumaida will remain in the minds of players for a long time.

    Thanks ... ;)

    Rate this article Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

    (5/5) 1 rating


    How do you get past that Nekomaru thing in the first trial?

    19 may 2020 09:56

    Tons of misspelling "Dangneronba"

    20 january 2019 19:10


    23 february 2020 12:53

    Nice review! I tried the first one, couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll give that one a try again.

    16 june 2018 01:28