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    (5/5) 1 rating
    Mrdox, 23 february 2018 20:32

    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

    In the market of video games there are a lot of special games that we love and love and there is a "experience" say it gets him a product "luxury" carries with him a lot of creativity and excellence in its multiple elements and after we finish the adventure "Nathan Drake" in the fourth part of the series of adventure games and action "Uncharted" We can now put this game in the "Experiences" section of the historical video game market, how not to have provided me one of the most beautiful games I have experienced in the past years, if we talk about the game at length and we offer you Full review.

    Where do we start talking? The story of this game takes place years after the events of the third part of the series, the adventurous Nathan Drake has retired from his job searching for the lost treasures and has been living a quiet life with his wife Elena Fisher, but someday his life turns upside down with the return of his brother Sam, who thought he had died many years ago, very creative in this game that will give you the opportunity to go through the whole story is wonderful, will play with Nathan in various stages of age to embrace those feelings in relation to his brother Sam to become a relationship More clearly as you progress with events.

    This is not for wealth but for help, the game offers a deep story with lots of movie scenes with the same game graphics and the possibility of interacting with some options that also play a role in events. .

    Let's leave the story Jania and talk about another amazing element of this game, certainly here we will have a few lines to talk about the fees of this game, since the beginning of the generation of home appliances and I am waiting for that game, which I really feel that we are in front of a technical leap reflects the capabilities of this generation, I realized that the current generation "just" had begun, those amazing details of the designs of the characters and the wonderful designs of the world of the game and even the cinematic scenes that I was asking myself every time Is really these cartoons game engine and not CG? I did not really expect to see these details in the faces of characters and their features in a video game, some scenes I started to focus everything in those drawings, especially "hair" characters that did not dazzle me before a game but when I came to the stage of dazzling even hair personalities I realized that I am in front of a technical work just awesome.

    The sounds are amazing, the sounds are not less creative, the sounds are fantastic for the characters (unfortunately I can not say that about the Arabic voice representation of the characters that I could never complete the game with) and with very exciting music with critical moments and fights and very touching deep-seated scenes, Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End is technically classified as the best video game to date.

    The game is very wonderful, the great diversity it offers, sometimes you play an action game with bullets and cover, and sometimes you drive a ship facing the enemies and again roam the car in the forest and often find yourself jumping between the platforms and climb the mountains and there are also the tasks of diving under the depths All these things give the game a variety required to change the atmosphere and the wonderful here that every part of this game I wish I get a full game built on it and this is very cool, this game in the story of the story offers a wonderful experience is difficult to forget.

    Amazing graphics, amazing, amazing story, great play style and very entertaining content
    Conclusion The Uncharted Adventure Series is the best possible end to a great series, an amazing game with many of its elements and classified as "historical" games in the video game market

    Thanks ;)

    Rate this article Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

    (5/5) 1 rating


    me love level1

    26 july 2019 15:23

    is sad that that it is a ps4 exclusive

    21 december 2019 15:56

    good game

    20 may 2018 18:52