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    Rate this article "Crisis Action Review"

    (4.06/5) 17 rates
    Bonhomie1520, 1 february 2019 15:53

    Crisis Action Review

    Crisis Action was the most popular multiplayer game in 2015. It is developed by HERO Game. This game has a nice graphic like other game too. This game is one of my favorite game.

    Home page:
    After you login into the game, you will direct to the home page. In home page, you can have access to your equip, rank, task, role. Your equipment: This is where you can get your firearm and another item to play agent other players in the world. Your rank: This is a place for you to view your rank. Usually, you gain your rank point when you play the rank match. Your Task: This place has some task for you to complete to get the reward. Role: This place you can choose which role you want. Every role has different skill and HP(hitpoint) state. Better role gets more hp and other states too.

    Map and Mode:
    This game has 150+ map and 27 modes. In every mode play on a different map or the same map. In the game have 2 kinds of collection mode. The 1st collection mode is the normal mode. Normal mode included Team mode, Ghost mode, Bomb mode, Hunt mode, Solo mode, Special mode, Limited mode. The 2nd collection mode is the bio mode (Zombie mode). Bio mode included Bio avenger, Ultimate hero, Bio occupy, Bio parkour, SAVIOUR, Werewolf strike and Mutant. For the map, it has a lot of maps so I can't upload the picture for it.

    For the first time you enter the game, the tutorial will give you to complete the bot stage. Your first gun is TMP. When you win the bot stage you will get a new gun from a place in the shop. There is a lot of stages that you need to complete for diamond and gold. When you enter the map you will play with the gun that you equip from the home page. You have a critical chance to hit an enemy with a weak firearm on the head. You can switch between 1st gun and 2nd gun with the switch button. The slow switch can upgrade to fast switch in the role tab at home page. The damage you shoot from your gun can be upgraded in the role tab also or buy a new gun from the shop. For the bio mode, you need to survival with other human player or zombie player. Every time you die you will re-spawn in the random place if you are a zombie. Zombie has an ability to work faster than human. If you are a zombie it maybe your luck to kill people but if the player is pro that your bad luck. 

    Shop :
    A shop is a place where you can buy a new gun and other items. Weapon tab is a tab that you can buy the guns that give you random damage to enemy depend on what gun you gear. Role tab is a tab that you can buy some role for play in game map. Grenade tab is a tab that you can buy some grenade. Another tab is a tab that you can get some ammo on other items like name changer, weapon pack and more.

    Last word: I hope you like this article. This game only available for iPhone and Android user only. About the gameplay, it depends on you what gun you want to play with to play in any mode that you want to play. If you interest with this game, so get it. It free for all user. 

    Rate this article Crisis Action Review

    (4.06/5) 17 rates



    27 february 2019 20:05

    Not a bad article however i don't like multiplayer on my phone so i won't bother

    7 july 2019 01:55

    Nice.Keep it up.

    25 may 2019 15:53

    is that free

    5 february 2019 05:54

    Good article. Keep it up.

    2 february 2019 15:43

    To be honest, the menu looks like CS Online but on mobile.

    14 january 2021 09:45

    Good article. It gives great insight regardng the game.

    21 february 2019 02:25

    Nice article...good work.

    12 june 2021 17:07

    :D mobile game

    29 may 2019 18:31

    you should have more gameplay pictrure, only picture of features can not discribe the game, try again

    1 february 2019 16:09