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    noobda, 14 november 2017 09:23

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Guide for Drops

    Yes, you heard that right, Guide for Drops in Counter Strike Global Offensive...
    Well, to put this together, it all depends on RNG-Random Number Generation but in other words, you gotta be lucky to receive a nice drop from the game. I'll be going over when you'll be receiving a drop for sure 100% and when you'll be receiving a drop randomly, and the chances of getting a nice drop that's pretty much worth from a few cents to a quite few bucks and in some rare cases it may even go up to a $1000
    I know, but that's very very very rare, I can say that only 1 in a 10 million can get such kinda drop so you just expect the drop to be a skin rather than a Weapon Case or any graffiti... 

    So, lets go

    So, When do you get the drop? Well you'll be granted a random drop everytime you level up/rank up in the game. I'm not talking about the Competitive skill ranks, I'm talking about the Ranks that range from 1 to 40 and then they reset giving you a Service Medal. And not every time you rank up but its limited to only one rank up per week will grant you a guarantied drop, and there will be some random drops which occur regardless of the rank ups... Again if you're lucky enough....

    I'll explain about that later in the review... Look at some crazy drops that are received by some people in the game to get a nice idea of what I'm talking about,

    You can see a drop that's not in red, its a few cents drop which is very common for most of the people to get that....

    Main thing to remember: 
    You'll only get awesome drops, or at least have a chance to get covert or extremely-rare drops when you own a Operation Coin, or when you buy a Operation Pass (hydra as of now)...

    If you're going to buy the Operation Pass just for the drops, then reconsider buying that, as the odds there are pretty much nothing and you end up having some cases and some medium skins which are a few cents or some even worth nothing like the graffities... Really, I can see many guys buy the Operation pass just for the drops but they end up with nothing good in their inventory....

    Well, here again, an operation drop which gave a pretty good one for an AWP

    What about me, I don't have any Pass: Just play the game as it is and you'll receive a good thing once a week for sure and it may go higher sometimes as high as 4 per week, yes its 4....

    And I have to mention that here includes Cases, Graffities, and Weapon Skins so the odds of getting a skin is again 1 of 3 times...

    Don't worry, I gotta let you know that there is a weekly bonus boost available for the easy rank ups and get a weekly drop which includes some cheap or sometimes a good one (2$ max, i presume)

    And this weekly drop resets every week on Tuesday for some regions and on Wednesday for the rest of the regions, you can find that out by googling....

    So, just play the game for fun and skill, rather than for getting rare drops and stuff like that, either way you can see the most common cheap drops that occur in the game to conclude...

    Ok, thanks

    Rate this article Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Guide for Drops

    (3.86/5) 43 rates

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