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    Rate this article "Company of Heroes 2 Review"

    (3.67/5) 12 rates
    jin912, 5 september 2017 16:34

    Company of Heroes 2 Review

    Strategy is key

    Company of Heroes 2 is a ww2 real time based strategy game that was released mid June 2013 as it may not seem that it surpassed the original company of heroes it was still a solid and enjoyable game. The one thing that put the game off was the pay to win system, as you wont really be progressing in the multiplayer without commanders as they tend to be quite pricey and does take a while to grind for them. Company of Heroes 2 has great graphics and it feels immersive with the game and can be competitive online. Fight as the Soviets in the main campaign with the ferocity of the German onslaught on the Eastern front. There are a few DLC's that may be worth getting only if they are on sale as some of the content are limited for their price, quite a fair bit of heroic moments on a few occasions, especially the goliath and demolition charges taking down whole squads. Tanks are very brutal in combat and can really determine the game and can be really fun when the opponents armour cannot defeat your tanks which commonly happens in 3v3 and 4v4 matches. Its all about the teamwork and strategy on 3v3 to 4v4 matches as someone can let your team down easily by not contributing to the battlefield. Multiplayer content wont be as enjoyable unless you get the DLC's with the allied and axis forces (Oberkommando West, US Forces and British forces). Without these DLC'S the online content will feel incomplete because the people who own the DLCs have an advantage against other players that dont own them.  

    You would need a decent rig to be able to play this game on recommended settings for the best quality gameplay and experience that this game has to offer. Anything with a direct X 11 gpu should be sufficient enough with a decent processor which should be able to play this game on medium to high settings on 40-60fps.    

    Rate this article Company of Heroes 2 Review

    (3.67/5) 12 rates


    we guys used to play this game in our college days on LAN... but the first part, we used to have patato PCs and potato laptops

    12 september 2017 19:01

    It's nice they made an effort to make a sequel, but too many DLCs. Play the first one instead.

    16 february 2020 09:37

    ok first thats a super game... thats all

    13 march 2020 05:40

    Nice article!

    11 october 2020 19:15