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    Rate this article "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Game Review"

    (4.1/5) 10 rates
    CripplingDepression, 5 september 2017 10:34

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Game Review

    This is a game review for the current popular Battle Royale game in the Steam platform! 

    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a great game compared to its competitors like H1Z1 and feels like the original battle royale game in arma 3 and it is currently one of the most played multiplayer game in the Steam platform which just reached its peak of 960,950 players just this September 2017 and it is fast on catching up on Dota 2's popularity rate.

    Story: This is a multiplayer exclusive game so there is no story or single player mode with a story but the multiplayer action and the price tag make that not necessary. Even without a storyline, it is very fun and enjoying when playing with your friends.

    If you have ever played an Arma game you will immediately feel comfortable with the controls and gunplay in this game, but if you have never played an Arma game it plays slightly differently from normal third person shooters and you are able to get used to it after a game of two. The gunplay feels very fluid and with plenty of weapons to gather from around the map it can provide intense gunfights. The actual matches have close to 100 people in them on a large map with the objective being to be the last person standing by gathering supplies around the map and killing other competitors. The gameplay can feel slow at the beginning of a round because depending on the place you land you may not encounter many people and are forced to walk around fields and towns looking for weapons. But too avoid too much frustration and lack of encounters, as the match goes on a force field slowly closes around you and the other players to enclose everyone in a smaller space after each segment of time to have more encounters. At times and moments, the game could be very frustrating and that's normal because you need skill in this game like every competitive game.

    Graphics: The game looks fairly good for being made in 2017 with tons of different graphics settings that you are able to adjust according to how powerful your computer is, with each match having around 100 players and a large map, you have to have a pretty good machine to have 60 fps with max settings, but the lowest settings aren't abysmal too look at but I don't recommend getting this game with a low end machine especially since the optimization for the game is poor from being in early access. There is one way of playing the game though it may require tweaking the game to its absolute lowest which you can search some videos on the internet on how to run them in low-end computers.

    Overall: PLAYERUNKNOWNS'S BATTLEGROUNDS or PUBG for short is a fairly well crafted game for people who like a slower game with bursts of suspense and action with good gunplay, customization, and the concept alone. The game does have a hefty $30 price tag but you will definitely get a lot of hours player out of it with tons of other people and friends with an average of 525,600 players every day with a total of 308,370,086 hours played overall according to a website called steamcharts.

    Rate this article Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Game Review

    (4.1/5) 10 rates


    i dont like pubg in my eyes

    1 december 2020 06:53

    🤣 \th guns and better graphics. Though should be free to play with paid options.
    But that's just my opinio

    21 april 2020 09:43

    This game is almost dead but still better then fortnite

    27 july 2019 13:42

    this is great love it yum

    9 december 2020 07:10

    This game has the amazing graphics that a multi player would need to be the best and the requirements are pretty high also there is a free version known as Pubg Lite on their website which still has kind of a similar graphics but with less people per match and less pc requirements

    14 february 2021 16:05

    pubg was good while it lasted

    23 november 2020 14:41

    I love Pubg mobile because it is free

    31 may 2020 13:36

    nice article, god job bro.

    2 february 2021 16:40

    Minecraft Survival Games with guns and better graphics. Though should be free to play with paid options.
    But that's just my opinion.

    19 september 2017 15:03

    very nice article. good job dude

    2 september 2020 17:28