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    (4.3/5) 10 rates
    VictorCreed, 6 september 2017 06:10

    Acer Aspire VX5 (Compact and dashing)

    Main Specifications of Test Model (VX5-591G-78BF):

    - Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor
    - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Video Card
    - Memory 16GB RAM
    - HD Storage 1TB
    - 15.6-inch LED Backlight Screen (1920 x 1080)
    - Dimensions 38.9 x 26.55 x 2.89 cm
    - 3 cells 4604 mAh battery
    - Weight 2.5 kg

    While the Dell Inspiron 115 Gaming and Samsung Odyssey bet on a more sober look, the Acer Aspire VX5 has left its gamers' veins more exposed, with a cut that is not rectangular and the presence of red details on the cover and the outputs air, with a silver bar in the axis of the screen. It features a plastic body with a texture on the lid and the fittings between the parts are visible on some of the noticeable uneven edges, which makes its finish less attractive than the models of Dell and Samsung, which in addition to having a fitting more precise on the edges, they opted for the rubberized finish.

    Acer VX5-591G-78BF

    The main highlight of the VX5 is its size. While being a gamer model, it is relatively light and thin for this segment, being a quiet notebook to carry in the backpack. The keyboard is complete and in the ABNT-2 standard, including numeric keypad on the side and backlight. The only compromise is small, and common in notebooks: the right arrow is right next to the number zero on the numeric keypad. The touchpad has a very large area and is very efficient.

    The screen has FullHD resolution and uses LED technology with good color saturation and boons viewing angles, with some color distortion when we tilt the screen. Unfortunately no notebook in this segment has the IPS technology, which would solve this inconvenience, but fortunately the distortion is less than that observed in 15 Gaming, for example. The display has a matte finish, which reduces excessive reflections when the notebook is used in a very bright environment or with some lamp in a bad angle.

    Evaluating the look brings this analysis to a somewhat subjective field, however I found the VX5's finish and some aesthetic options inferior to the direction taken by Dell and Samsung on rival models. An element that caught my attention were the fittings in the corners, finishing that in 15 Gaming and the Odyssey were not so evident.

    Another detail that did not please me was the format of the body of the notebook and its lines that do not match the line of the screen. As I said, this is a subjective field, and none of these elements will compromise the usability of the notebook.

    What was rather inconvenient was the use of 14 screws (the Odssey uses 3, the 15 Gaming uses 1) in the base of the device, along with several of those awful plastic "teeth" to open this notebook and have access to upgrades. Although repetitive, the process is not very time consuming and within 15 minutes you can leave it open and ready to receive improvements. Components with easy access for upgrades include two RAM slots, a 2.5 "HD / SSD bay and an additional M.2 to SSD connection, a highly recommended upgrade for this model.

    In addition to facilitating upgrades, the opening of the VX5 gives good access to the cooling system, making cleaning easier.

    Rate this article Acer Aspire VX5 (Compact and dashing)

    (4.3/5) 10 rates


    I wish I was an American, just to buy such laptops at a cheapest price in the whole world.... FML, where I live this thing costs 1400$ (converted) for the base variant with GTX1050 (not the ti)...
    Guess the country...

    12 september 2017 18:40

    This article was taken and translated from adrenaline.uol.com.br ☺

    12 september 2017 16:53

    but can it run crysis

    26 march 2021 17:37

    I can snap this **** over my knee. It probably doesnt have memes on it anyways.

    19 september 2017 15:59