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    Rate this article "Clash of Clans: Review"

    (4.41/5) 187 rates
    yazdan, 21 february 2019 16:08

    Clash of Clans: Review

    The name Clash of Clans was originally intended to be Clan Wars. In fact, the game was about fights of clans and about tribes so people suggest tribal wars or clan wars, anyway after drinking some liter of coffee finally they decide to name the game Clash of Clans.

    Undoubtedly, Clash of Clans is one of the most revolutionary mobile games, the foundation for supercell company to grow fast and an opportunity for the producers to expand their work and make their dreams true. Clash of Clans is for the first time release on August 2, 2012, for iOS.

    From the beginning, the development of mobile gaming has become the mainstream of the company. The company first introduced the Hay Day game on June 21, 2012, and two months later introduced its revolutionary game called Clash of Clans. Thanks to its impressive and highly acclaimed success in October 2013, Supercell was able to draw a Japanese company to buy the half of the company's' shares on 1.2 billion USD price.

    Following its popularity, the Android version was officially released on October 7, 2013. Hay Day, Boom Beach and Clash of Clans three extraordinary supercell games that make this company a rich one not to mention clash royale with that huge tournaments and popularity. Although these games are all free, the magic of the company is to draw players attention to make them pay for the in-game purchases, I admit that clash royale offers were so hideous, the company earned 2.5 million UDS just by in-app purchase from Clash of Clans and Hayday.

    Supercell is a Finnish mobile game development company based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in May 2010.

    A brief explanation about the game

    The game starts with the first level of town hall, the main building in CoC, after some story and dialogues you will learn how to upgrade, build defense buildings and attack enemies. a basic and short tutorial that is enough to know how this game goes. after passing this simple missions you will enter the world of clans where you will climb from the bottom of the board to the top. the base currency in the game is the green gems in order to buy things like a worker or etc., also there are resources, gold, elixir, dark elixir. each is used to upgrade a specific building, the main purpose of playing the game is collecting these resources. attacking other players and loot their resources is the best way to collect huge amount of gold and elixir, also take part in clan wars and other events also make you some resources.just an example of using resources, for training the soldiers you need elixir and dark elixir and for upgrading the defense buildings like cannons you need gold, some special soldiers need dark elixir.

    Nowadays we have 12 townhall levels reaching lower levels is easy but, for townhalls after level 8, it becomes challenging. the best strategy is to upgrade all the building in each level of townhall and then go to the next however some people do not accept this and decide not to upgrade some specific buildings and grow faster. now lest check building, totally building are separated into three categories first defensive and training structures, second resources, and storages and third decorations. there are also some special buildings that house the heroes of the game, Barbarian King, Battle Machine, Archer Queen and Grand Warden. each hero unlocks at a certain level of townhall and could be upgraded to higher levels to unlock their special abilities.

    Now lets check Troops and Spells, through Barracks and dark barracks you can train various kind of soldiers barbarian,archer,giant,wizard, etc. after some specific levels of townhall, you personally will find out that troops need some kind of backup, that is where spells come to the scene, in order to support your troops and also sometimes lead them to a specific position you can use various spells. thanks to the variety of troops there are tones of strategies to attack the enemies and also thousands of special maps to defend your resources, in my idea the best point of the game is that you can perform many strategies with all of these troops.

    After a huge update, the second village added to the game and bring the players a new mode of the game. live battles, you attack the enemy village in the meantime the enemy is attacking yours. there are some new buildings and troops for the new village but the nature of them is the same.

    Graphic and Music

    I should say that the music is astonishing, I used to listen to the music when playing the game and repeating each tune of it, it really attracts people the game, rhythmic and cool music changes through the battles and calms you down after a bad battle. about the graphic of the game, the game does not have some special graphic effect, simple and attractive design of troops and buildings, the best point of the game is the simple but cool graphic design of the game environment.

    Last Words

    With all of the good points of the clash of clans, the game becomes boring after some time and you want to let it go, spending too much time on finding an opponent to raid, collecting resources from the buildings are not enough, on the other hand, clan wars and event loots are great and really could help you to advance in the game. an entertaining game that you can experience it whenever you want also I just want to warn you that this game is highly addictive.
    At the end is it worth to play?
    yes, it is good to play this game once or twice a day but not get into the game and forget about the real world.

    you can download it from the links below for your device:

    "All the pictures are from my Clash of Clans account, sorry for their bad quality they are just screenshots."

    Rate this article Clash of Clans: Review

    (4.41/5) 187 rates


    wow i love clash of clans thanks for this article!

    9 august 2019 20:42

    I dont really play games like this but good article

    15 march 2019 20:13

    Nice article great work.

    5 september 2021 14:57

    join my clan iranian kings my name is R.M

    5 july 2020 12:44

    Nice review for this game

    6 may 2019 13:45

    I love clas royal is one of the best games I remember that I have more than 500 hours in this game and I get something incredible and I keep talking because I need the leved xD I hope it does not bother you guys

    9 july 2019 02:45

    my favourite game, played it 2 years!
    nice article btw

    12 july 2019 23:40

    My friend was obsessed with this game a couple years ago. Looks pretty cool tbh.

    28 november 2019 02:54

    Good review for a game I've been seeing in ads.

    22 february 2019 15:07

    This is a great review one one of my favorite phone games! Good job!

    8 march 2019 11:42