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    (4.07/5) 27 rates
    Merisor, 26 may 2018 21:24

    Cities Skylines

    Cities Skylines is a building game similar with Simcity series , the game was developed by Colossal Order. The game makes you the designer of a future city , you start with 70k and a piece of land. Your goal is finished when you say so , the game doesn't have a ending and the only thing close to an ending is when you run out of land to extend , still that takes a while.

    The game is preatty simple, if you just start the game you will have to build houses , and for that you need road , and after you build them you will find out you need electricity and water , after you do that , you will have to build markets and industrial zones which are not very friendly with the natrue , poluting the area around. 
    But not only the industrial zones can destroy the nature around them , there are the drain pipes , which are very important for a working city , but in the same time these makes sure to destroy the water where you throw the used water and rest . The game don't give you everything at the start , and in my opinion is a very smart idea , let's say i start a new game and i don't want to have problems with electricity so i make a nuclear reactor and i won't need electricity for some time , but that's not realistic , imagine a village with a nuclear reactor , yeah not very realistic , and for this reason they use milestones which in the same time can be used as a tutorial , unlocking new building every population goal.
    The game uses a panel for taxes so you can gain more money but in the same time the ppls you raised maight get angry , depending on your lend value. When you start the game you will not be able to build high residential zones , and you will start with low tier building like police station , a small fire station , and after some population incresse you will be able to upgrade to better building which will make your city more profitable and safe , like : solar panels , airport , train station , etc...There are a lot of building and this game's comunity adding constant content , you can download over 800 mods from steam workshop.There are many ways you can fail the game , by a huge fire and you don't have fire stations , buy increasing tax to mutch and everyone leaves , by a huge epidemic and you don't have hospitals , by blocking a river and flooting the city and many more options , so you should watch out what you do.  
    An important factor of your city will be the land value , higher land value equals more happy citizens and when they are happy they upgrade their houses and you can increase the tax , you can achieve higher land value by placing parks , monuments , stadions , and anything which makes people come to your city.
    And if you do your work fine in your own way you will achieve something like this:

                                                                    Remember the  game gives you the tools to shape a new city , the limit is your imagination and your money.

    Rate this article Cities Skylines

    (4.07/5) 27 rates


    could be great maybe idk

    21 august 2019 16:08

    nice article. im like interested half on the genre lol i played a similair game in mobile.

    18 june 2018 09:34

    i like shoot games

    14 june 2018 17:46

    .\-/. i like shoot games

    14 june 2018 17:45

    saw it once didn't look fun

    11 june 2018 10:17

    dosnt look funn but a grate article

    22 july 2018 23:52

    best builder game 👍

    25 january 2019 14:42

    Maybe someone will make articles about each DLC. For now, I see that it is an article only with the base game.

    16 march 2020 02:45

    I like the game.

    28 january 2019 23:54

    The most advance city builder game so far on the market 10/10.

    - Road network system supports:
    * Elevated roads to custom highest.
    * Underground roads
    * Roundabouts

    - Citizens have AI, they can be tracked to the jobs and their every day routine.

    - DLCs are rich in content and mechanincs! Ex: Indusrty

    - You can install mods created by community! From visuals/assets to new mechanics.

    - Beside road system (cars, buses, cabs) the game have:
    * railroad system
    * metro system
    * airplanes
    * ferries
    * monorails (mass transit dlc)
    * trams (snowfall dlc)
    I just named some features of the game, there are much more.

    13 march 2020 18:55