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    (4.19/5) 26 rates
    Merisor, 26 may 2018 22:11

    Dead Island

    Dead Island is survival role-play zombie game which was developed by Techland , the game is only first person and is focused on melee combat , the story being about four survivors which try to escape from an island.The game was launched on September 2011. 

    The game is open world , the main scoop being escaping you will have to kill a lot of zombies and find better and better gear. The game uses a level system and skill points.Combat is mainly with a melee weapon but as you get closer to the end you gain acces to firearms. For this reason the most of the game is based on close combat , the game let's you "mod" the weapons which means you can add electricity , fire , nails and many more. The game uses a stamina bar , after some running/jumping/attacking you have to wait a little to regenerate.
    Now let's talk about the story , you wake up in a hotel as one of the four charachters:
    Sam B  which is very good with blunt weapons and can take more damage than the other 3.His main element of use is the blunt exclusive Impact which increases Blunt Weapon Damage while his support skills are focused on increasing resistance to enemy damage.
    Xian Mei is an expert of blades weapons.She has the longest Fury duration and is also the one who gains Fury points the fastest, which can easily be gained by simply scoring three critical kills.
    Logan Carter he is very good at trowing stuff , knifes , sticks , evreything , his fury makes you throw infinite knifes.
    Purna Jackson she is a fire arms expert , good for the late game not for the first 80% of it (don't pick her, ).
    After you pick one of them you have to run from the hotel and after that you find out that the whole population has been overcome by a contagious and infectious plague which turn normal peoples into zombies.The group find out that they are immune from infections and they are tasked by Sinamoi  to find supplies and try to contact other peoples.The group take a survivor Jin  along with them , she was the daughter of a mechanic which helped the group to modify an armoured car they used to break out of the resort.
    When they arrive in Moresby they have to beat a new type of zombie known as a ram and they help the survivors at the church. After doing some missions against a gang the group arrives at a prison where they think they will find Colonel Ryder White and he sais that he may be able to create a cure / vaccine, and in turn save his bitten wife.
    After the group arrives they help the surviving prisoners to arm themselves for letting them go to White . When White contacts them again tells them to abandon the prisoners and come to him. After they enter the elevator they get a knockout gas and find out that White took the vaccine and his wife and he wants to abandon the island and call a nuclear attack to destroy all the zombies until they spread to the whole world. The group get's to the roof in time and find White which get's bited by his wife and shoot's Jin and his zombified wife , before he turns he injects with the vaccine which turn out that makes things even worst. After the group kill's the final boss they get in the helicopter and  escape the island.

    The game has a DLC which let's you play as White and the next part is already on the market under the name Dead Island : Riptide.

    Rate this article Dead Island

    (4.19/5) 26 rates


    Look like a horror game

    8 july 2018 11:17

    Its really good game But pc is not good so

    20 june 2018 18:24

    what kinfd of game is this????
    a zombie game???? like left4dead????????????????????
    or like a walking dead???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👹👹👹👹🎃🎃🎃🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    25 november 2019 14:47

    Nice job

    5 june 2018 17:23

    nice article keep writing

    6 june 2018 18:23

    i played that game last year

    11 june 2018 12:09

    Ben oyunu bitirdim muhteşem oyun

    6 june 2018 16:43

    Fun game, haven't played it in years though. I hated playing as Sam, so I went with Logan first, but on a second playthrough I really enjoyed playing as Xian. Wasn't there an OP 5th character too, or am I imagining that?

    12 july 2018 09:18

    Can't run that game :(( i got really bad pc but i cannot wait to be lvl 3

    5 june 2018 19:12

    seams like a legit game

    11 june 2018 10:53