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    Julio_Lokin, 30 november 2017 17:59

    Check out tips to do well in Rocket League and score many goals

    Rocket League is a curious game that brings the unusual mix between cars and football. Launched for PC and PS4, the game focuses on competitive matches, whether online or in solo mode. Want to improve your performance and make yourself beautiful in disputes against friends? In this tutorial, check out tips to get the title right.

    Train before you play online

    Despite having very simple mechanics and rules, Rocket League matches can be especially frustrating for beginners who venture into online mode. To avoid embarrassment, invest a few hours in solo mode before you face other players.

    This will give you time to master the basic commands of the game, while not having to worry about the presence of more experienced users on the field. After a few rounds, you'll be ready to face bigger challenges.

    Get to the ball first

    Just like in real football, after each goal the ball is returned to the center of the field, but without possession for a specific team. To assure advantage, use your nitro to get to it quickly.

    Depending on the position and distance of the opponents, it will be possible to kick directly to the goal, with good chances of scoring very easily.

    Position yourself well

    Running desperately toward the ball may seem like a good idea, but most of the time it will cause you to perform poorly on the field.

    Use strategic thinking and follow disputes from a distance. In this way you can predict the next destination of the ball, if you advance to the opponents and create good chances of goal.

    Do not forget the defense

    As the old saying goes, defense is the best attack. In Rocket League the story is no different, and players with the most energetic stance tend to get the better of the most disorganized teams.

    Always try to defend your goal with horizontal movements. This will make it difficult for opponents to attack, and will result in many stolen balls, which almost always result in excellent counterattacks.

    Save the nitro

    The nitro is a very important part of the Rocket League matches, as it can determine the strength of a finish, the success of the defense or even the destruction of the opposing cars after a strong beat.

    Try to measure the use of the turbo during games. Thus, you will always be ready to give a powerful kick or kick. Another good tip is to collect the nitro crystals scattered around the scenery.

    Practice the submissions

    Due to the limitations of the vehicles, finalizations are among the more complicated parts of Rocket League. It is not uncommon to see players lose easy goals by missing kick time, or even being hit by the ball.

    To become a real killer, be sure to visit the training arena of the game, where you can run, kick freely and sharply improve the aim.

    Rate this article Check out tips to do well in Rocket League and score many goals

    (5/5) 1 rating


    Good tips.

    3 december 2017 17:10

    usefull and good tips

    29 september 2020 07:31