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    How to Survive in Rust

    The Rust multiplayer survival game, created by Facepunch Studios; it's inspired by games like Minecraft and other survival-type games in wild places. Rust creates a hostile environment that requires teamwork for rapid progress to reach the top. In this guide, you will learn the basic survival aspects in Rust.

    Learn the Game Mechanisms
    Keep an eye on your health. Once you join a server or create your own, your character will appear in random areas of the map. You can find the status bar at the bottom right of your screen. At the top is where you can observe your health, which ranges from 0 to 100.

    You can reduce the amount of damage you receive by wearing armor.
    Health can be restored by eating cooked foods.

    If your Health reaches 0, your character will die, and a window will appear, with the choice to reappear in a random area of the map, near where he died, or simply return to camp.

    When dying, all items in your inventory will be lost, including the basic tools you had when you started the game.

    Players who kill him will be able to pick up items from his body.
    In addition to other players, you will also face wild animals, so be careful in your travels.

    Feed yourself. As in Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, and other multiplayer survival games, today, food is a necessity. Calories, found under your Health, determine your character's satisfaction with food and thirst. The maximum calorie is 1,500, and, slowly, it will drop as your character moves.

    When calories reach 0, your health will drop slowly, until your character's death.

    That is, it's simple: feed yourself to put calories in your bar of hunger.
    When night comes, and you do not have any clothes, your character will be cold. In this state, you will lose calories faster than normal.
    If you can not find any clothes, the best way to fight the cold is by making a bonfire. By staying close to it, your character will have the effect of comfort, which causes the bar of hunger not to fall so quickly.
    To have clothes, you can either make them or take them from enemies or boxes of supplies around the world.

    Avoid radiation. Radiation can be found in the lower right corner of the screen, just below the calories. This bar will show the amount of radiation absorbed. The radiation can be perceived by the sound of a geiger meter (sound of fast "clicks").

    When your character is exposed to radiation, your hunger will subside faster.

    When your character reaches "+500", you will be poisoned by radiation and begin to lose health until you have 1 HP.

    To end your radiation level, leave the area irradiated or take anti-radiation pills, or even feed on anti-radiation properties that can be obtained by killing animals and enemies.
    Gathering the Materials Needed

    Gather lots of wood. Gathering materials is easy, since you have the basic tool to hunt. Wood is one of the vital resources for survival as it is used to make bonfires, houses, storage containers and many other things.

    Your main tool for collecting wood is Rock. To use it, simply press 1 or the designated shortcut for the item, which can be found at the bottom of the screen.

    To join wood, simply approach the nearest tree with the Rock equipped, and start to change by clicking the right button. Then, you will receive the message, on the right side, of the amount of wood collected.
    When the tree "ends," another message will appear, saying there is no more wood to collect. Then, go to the nearest tree to collect more wood.

    This is the easiest way to gather wood, but not the recommended one. Your calories will be burned with every bump on the wood, and you only get 1 wood.

    Stacks of wood are scattered around the world. This is the quickest way to get wood, in addition to burning a small amount of calories. Stacks of wood give much more wood per stroke than trees.

    Collect rocks, sulfur, and metal fragments. This can be achieved by breaking down mineral rocks, which can be found throughout the world. You can use the "Rock" tool to mine until the resource is depleted.

    These materials are needed to create gunpowder and weapons.
    The stones are also used to build fires, so it is advisable to gather stones while looking for piles of wood.

    Be a thug. If you are willing to kill and pick up items from other players then you have the option of becoming a thug. Anyone can be a thug by choice, killing new players and picking up their items. This path can be fun, but it requires a lot of preparation, like having the right weapons and decent armor.

    Look for meat. To look for fresh meat, you need to find an animal and kill it. Using the weapon you own, even with which you start the game, kill an animal. When your target is dead, use your weapon on the animal's body to pick up the items.

    Rust is a game in development, still in "alpha". That said, remember that all flesh you receive, regardless of which animal you killed, leaves chicken.

    You can gain cloth (useful for making medical kits, beds and even for creating a bow), leather (for bears), blood (for wolves and bears) and many other items.

    If you do not have a decent weapon, kill rabbits with the Rock. It takes only two strokes to kill them.

    Chickens are also easy targets. They run slower than rabbits.
    You can also take the animals from behind, sneakily, to keep them from running. Simply hold down the left mouse button and press Ctrl.

    Look for food, items and weapons. You can look for canned food or rations in boxes. You can also search for items and weapons within buildings, but while doing this, watch out for everything around you, as many bad guys can camp nearby, kill new players, and collect items.

    Most building areas have radiation. Keep researching if you have anti-radiation pills.

    Make a refuge. The refuges are their camps. They will protect your stored items and other objects inside the house, against thieves and thieves.

    There are two ways to create a refuge. The first way is a basic wooden hideaway with 1,000 HP. It is a small house that can be manufactured using only wood. Although easy and quick to assemble, it can be destroyed by grenades or physical attacks.

    The basic hideaway is great for new players, who are still putting together materials for a better home.

    To create a haven, simply press "Tab" to open your inventory and then click the "crafting" button at the top of the screen. This will enable the item creation list. Click on the "Wood Shelter" to see the requirements.

    You will need 50 wood to create the refuge.

    Once you create the haven, simply equip the item and choose a level ground to build it.

    Build the house. The second way to build a home, and much tougher, compared to the wooden hideaway, is to build using wooden planks. Building a structure requires a lot of materials, since 1 wooden board requires 10 pieces of wood. Compared to the wooden hideaway, you will create every part of the house to build it.

    Wood Base - You'll need this before you can install the pillars. The base of wood requires 8 planks of wood.

    Wooden Pillar - The pillars are needed to put a window, a door, stairs and even ceilings. You can build wooden structures just between wooden pillars. You can create wooden pillars with 2 wooden planks.
    Wooden Wall - This requires 4 planks of wood to be created. Walls can be destroyed with 1 to 3 explosives. They do not take physical damage.

    Wooden door - this is where you can put your door. Before you leave a server, make sure you install a door, so that other players can put their own, and claim the house you built. To create a door, you need 4 planks of wood.

    Wooden Ceiling - In the current game, wooden ceilings can not be destroyed. To make a ceiling, you need 6 planks of wood.

    Now that you have a shelter, you can start storing your items inside the house. It will be safe inside. If your character dies, all items within the refuge will be kept, so be sure to put materials collected there before going out to hunt or collect items.

    Make a sleeping bag. Now you're ready to survive more than other players in this game, but before you go out to kill other players or do what needs to be done, you need to make a sleeping bag.

    Sleeping bags give a point back to you. If you die then you can go back somewhere, or at your camp (if you put a sleeping bag).

    To make this item, you need 15 cloth. Simply place it inside your house to activate the point of return.

    Rate this article How to Survive in Rust

    (1.5/5) 2 ratings



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