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    (3.7/5) 10 rates
    anik_rm, 3 june 2018 16:09

    Castle Clash

    Castle clash is a mobile game. This is a strategy game where you can build upgrade and have fun with magic, heroes and battles. strategy games are way too popular on mobile devices and Castle Clash is one of them. You will be part of your fantasy world where you have to make it stronger by upgrading and attacking real players to get their resources. And you can defend your own  fantasy world or empire so it will be harder to attack for other players. and upgrade your heroes and magics so you can beat other players easily. 

    nowadays mobile games are way more popular. Anyone can play and they can play anywhere they want. sometime it become harder to choose which game you want. most of people play strategy games because more time you give those games more stronger you become. you Don’t have to be active all time you can use your free time to make yourself stronger on those games. But now question is which game you should choose to play? there are tons of strategy games. If you ask me which one to play? I will suggest you Clash Castle.
    This is a beautiful strategy game. You can do lots of stuff on this game like collecting heroes unlocking troops collecting resources even you will get rewards. there are guilds where you can join other players. and this is the beauty of this game. You can even open your own guild and let your friends come in and you can rank up your guild. this game offer you a experience to build, create dozen of troops, realistic battles, heroes, powerful spells and lots more. This game lets you design your empire anyway you want.
    You even can rank up and be the top player. not just you it can be an arena or it can be a guild. your rank depend on might and number of fire you acquire on this game. same goes for arena and guild where you have to acquire thing to rank up. rank up players get rewards with various game related things.
    In this game there are buildings like Town hall which is the most important thing which you have to protect from attackers. to protect the town hall you have to place attack buildings where you can hire heroes and troops so they can protect while someone attack you. there are various defensive building available which can defense during battles. most people battles to get resources. there are some buildings where you can collect and safe your resources.
    Most important thing and most I like is heroes. heroes are the soul of this game I guess. every hero have their own ability and which is pretty much random. You can upgrade your heroes and when you do that more upgrade they get more it boost their attack, health and might. heroes are so fun to collect and play with. you can hire heroes with gems, Honor badges or with shards. you can even get heroes with hero cards or legendary hero card which you will get as daily reward. there are too many heroes to collect and play with.
    This game is developed and published by I Got Games. this game officially lunched on July 26, 2013. I personally think developer of this game work so hard to bring new updates so we can enjoy this game. They have over 50 million players on android device which is a lot and I hope they will get more. This is a game you should give a try and this game is completely free to play.

    Rate this article Castle Clash

    (3.7/5) 10 rates


    so amazing

    4 february 2020 12:37


    15 february 2020 08:57

    Nice and good article 5 stars for this ;)

    3 december 2019 14:23

    maybe is good. but ı dont lıke ıt

    6 july 2018 17:06

    Much pub about that game

    24 july 2018 16:59

    Nice and good article

    11 july 2018 13:35

    This is a game you should give a try and this game is completely free to play.

    3 december 2019 08:55

    My phone is very heated when i play this game, i should buy a new phone for gaming...

    16 july 2018 10:25

    T you are not a good time to make this happen to be a good day please find the meme by the way you could send me the middle pic

    3 july 2018 08:35

    Great game

    4 july 2018 19:33