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    Rate this article "Brawlhalla : My point of view "

    (4.5/5) 14 rates
    JohnAricsson, 17 march 2018 06:46

    Brawlhalla : My point of view

    Brawlhalla is a free to play fighting developed and published by Blue Mammoth Games. It is available for Windows, MacOS and PS 4. It is one of those types of game where you forget to keep the track of your time and you plunge into an endless source of entertainment. People might hate it because it is similar to Smash Bros but it is free and amusing to keep your mind getting filled with joy and happiness.



    You can play Brawlhalla for 0 $ on steam or PS 4 but if you buy the legends back you can get all current and future legends unlocked. Otherwise if you are a F2P then you get rotating roster of 6 legends. Legends are the cartoonish styled characters that you play as in Brawlhalla. They can be bought using gold that you earn after each match played. The advantageous part is, any pc even potato pc can run this game well as this game does not require you to have pc with good specs.

    Main menu-


    Brawlhalla matchmade online games can hold 4 people. You can play online or locally with others player as a group of 4 or play with your friends vs other players. You can queue up for 1 v 1, 2 v 2 or fight everyone else except you and even experimental queue. If you are experienced than there’s a ranked queue for you to play with other experienced players. Matchmaking is swift and, if an opponent leaves, a well-trained AI quickly replaces them. There is even an offline queue for you to practice, train and play with AI.

    In game, you have a health bar but the more damage you take, the more your health bar rises and the more your health bar rise the more chance you have to get knocked out of the platform. In game, you get weapons by picking up the sword-like thingy (you can see it in the screenshot, in this case it is those orange swords) and it gives you specific weapons for your Legend. You can get axes, swords, spears, guns, bows depending on your Legends.

    Gameplay can be very fun and simple but it needs strategies to win a match. There are many strategies you can use and make good plays using moves especially wall climbing moves and dashes. After you finish a match, you get gold but it takes a little bit of time to save up enough gold to buy a Legends. So in that case if you cannot wait to save up enough gold, you can always buy the Legends or buy the All Legends pack to support the developers. You can always make new friends by playing online games and you can even join clans to play together with them.

    Pros and cons-


    1. Very fast paced and action packed.
    2. Very simple and easy to get the hang of it.
    3. Can be very fun with or without friends.
    4. Matchmaking is swift.
    5. Reliable servers.
    6. Free to play.
    7. Can help you manage stress and relax your mind by providing  hours of entertainment.
    8. Does not require good pc and takes low hard disk space.


    1. Earning gold takes long time.
    2. Characters might look goofy.
    3. Some bugs & glitches.
    4. Balancing issue with weapons.


    Overall, this game is easy, fun and satisfying. It’s free, can run on any pc and also requires little space on hard disk. If I were you, I would at least give this a try.


    Rate this article Brawlhalla : My point of view

    (4.5/5) 14 rates


    i got platinuim today vey cool game

    5 may 2020 05:36

    Brawlhalla is on steam and it is free Take this and easy fun huys.

    3 january 2020 18:39

    Got a bit more balanced, but it depends on strategies (sitting on walls is a trash strategy and people call you a passive player if you do that) its a good game overall, extremely fun 300+hours innit

    14 november 2019 10:49

    Great article

    23 june 2018 23:47

    Its a cool f2p game ;) totally worth it!

    21 march 2018 08:43

    i like this game...preety good

    26 march 2018 09:31

    a funny little game and has MP

    22 march 2018 14:23

    nice article :D

    8 april 2018 23:59

    Brawlhalla is on steam and it is free Take this and easy fun huys.

    25 march 2018 14:55

    Brawlout or brawlhalla?
    Like for brawlhalla
    Dislike for brawlout

    23 june 2018 23:49