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    Rate this article "Blood Rites guide for gems and Review"

    (4.51/5) 61 rates
    Boggy432, 26 july 2019 16:13

    Blood Rites guide for gems and Review

    Here you can find:
    1)The levels you need to reach required to receive the 3 rewards
    2)Why you should do this task now or in the next month to a year at least (current exp boost: 20/05/2019)
    3)Is it worth it to do all the level and how hard is it

    This is a short review about how hard it is to obtain the rewards for playing the game Blood Rites(in my opinion at least) and a short guide about how to gain your rewards as quicly as possible. I took some time while playing to understand how and which way would be the quickest to level up.

    What is Blood Rites and Time/Reward comparison:

    First of all, Blood Rites is a classic MMO RPG that is pretty well made. It has a lot of features that a lot of other MMOs out there don't have. If you have ever played MMO RPGs before and you liked it, Blood Rites is a game you might like and it will make getting the rewards here on Gamehag a lot easier. But even if you haven't played any MMO RPGs before or you are not a big fan of these type of games you can still easily do the tasks for this game as you don't quite have to play the game to get to the levels tasks is asking you to if you choose to do so. I will go into more detail in just a bit. For those who are here more for a guide of how to get the prizes or if it is worth it to do the tasks for this game, in my opinion yes, you only need to actually play for a bit and then can leave the game do its own thing while you get the rewards in only a day.

    Gamehag tasks:

    For this task you will have to reach in-game level of 30, 35 and finally 40.

    The tasks are pretty straight forward and it is very easy to go from the 1st task to the last, the hardest step being reaching lvl 30, but once you are there you basically got all rewards.

    Ongoing Experience Boosts:

    Right now (since 20/05/2019), the server Hyperion offers 10x experience boost so leveling up is a lot easier than before and therefore a PLUS in why you should complete this task now. I am not 100% sure how long the boost will last but I am certain that it will last for at least another week or so from now as shown below. Even without the exp boost from the server as you play through you receive multiple exp boosters that you can use. These items look like little tickets as shown in the screenshot. You can also get free exp to level up you character by simply being offline and can simply reach level 40, but it will also mean you have to login every day for a little while.


    Worth the time? How hard is to complete the tasks?

    In my opinion, yes, it is worth the time for the Soul Gems you receive. It is very easy to level up and after you reach lvl 33, I believe you get an item from the level up chests which is called a battle rune (looks like a ticket), which is an allowed, in-game battle bot, meaning that it will fight for you and apply potions so you don't have to even be at your PC, or you can do something else meanwhile like watching Youtube or doing another task on Gamehag. This is important for both those MMO RPGs lovers out there and also for those that are more focused on getting the reward as it will make gameplay easier and rather faster as the bot is very good and seems to kill monsters at a faster rate that I personally could at least. The item I'm talking about can be seen below and what the menu for using it looks like.



    At the beginning is a bit harder to get going. There is a lot of walking on the maps and you need to do some quests that don't give that much exp. The way I did it was to just click on the quests in the quest log on the right side of the screen as it will make your character move to the quest NPC or monster you have to deal with until you reach the town of Tario. While in there I didn't focus on doing any quests as I just focused on killing monsters to level up in nearby man Thunder Valley. Once you're lvl 20 make sure to go choose your class so you can have a wider range of skills to be used and make fighting easier.
    From lvl 20 to lvl 25 killing mobs will do the trick in the Thunder Valley first waves of monsters.


    From level 25 to lvl 30 you can gain levels in the same map in different areas highlighted in the map below or you can try Snowland. The monsters there are a bit harder to kill but give a bit more exp. You can stay in Thunder Valley if you struggle until lvl 35 and it should still be quite easy.


    From level 35 onwards it's advisable to go Snowland in the areas highlighted below, but before you do so make sure to go back to Tario and pick up some extra potions from the NPC that is also shown below. The reason for this is that by this time you will have the Battle Bot which will make use of a lot of potions. (I used most of my silver and bought 200 pieces Health potions and 100 Mana potions.)


    Once you get the battle pass from the award chests just set up the skills and potions in the right slots and make sure to enable them by ticking the box next to them. The config for my character (mage) was <50% for health potions and <20% for Mana while all the skills were multiple target or area skills.


    Other tips:

    -Before you go Snowland and use the battle bot make sure to go to Tario and middle west side of map near the Guild NPCs there is a general store where you can buy potions. Just use all the silver on them, mainly on health potions as it will ensure that your character doesn't die while you have the battle bot on.

    -Make sure to check inventory and equip any items that will boost your characters stats just by right clicking in the inventory to equip the item.

    -Once you get the battle bot and the potions from Tario, go Snowland and either let the bot fight at the first mobs in the valley or you can go a bit further and if you keep to the right side wall you will notice a little path going through the mountains and will find some slightly weaker monsters but a lot more of them and give almost same amount of exp.


    -You can reach lvl 40 in a day easily. Most of the time will take to get to lvl 30 but once you get that battle pass it doesn't quite matter. You can leave it over the night, but I wouldn't recommend as it will level up a bit too much and your screenshot might be invalidated. I would recommend checking on the bot every hour or so to see if you got the lvl or if your character is still alive.

    Rate this article Blood Rites guide for gems and Review

    (4.51/5) 61 rates


    thank you very muck for this guide

    24 january 2021 14:39

    Right now (since 20/05/2019), the server Hyperion offers 10x experience boost so leveling up is a lot easier than before and therefore a PLUS in why you should complete this task now. I am not 1
    how to play this game

    7 december 2019 07:53

    good game very nice

    30 july 2019 11:16

    thanks for guide

    27 april 2020 19:45

    great article thanks for the information

    11 december 2019 20:48

    This game looks great, lets play this :)

    17 december 2020 09:27

    Didint play but I think it's cool by me.

    16 november 2020 03:54

    Right now (since 20/05/2019), the server
    Hyperion offers 10x experience boost so
    leveling up is a lot easier than before and
    therefore a PLU5 in why you shoul complete this task now. Im not 1
    how to play this game.

    11 march 2021 19:17