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    (1.67/5) 3 ratings
    anik_rm, 10 january 2018 15:18

    Blacklight Retribution

    A free fps game with many game modes. Who does not like to show some skills on fps games. and this game is free so there is no harm to play this game. There are many modes to play and many things to do.

    We all have played call of duty, ghost recon, spac oops, and other fps games. some might not played those games cause those are expensive. either am i. But Blacklight Retribution is free to play active game where you can play with your friends or unknown peoples or vs other players, isnt that cool.  This game set in the distance of future so you are going to see many new weapons new machines, and lots of those things.  and i think this is better other fps games cause you can make yourself stronger get new guns to know and play many modes to level yourself up.
    Blacklight Retribution contain many modes to play. There is teamdeath match, domination, king of the hill, capture the flag, kill comfirmed. Which one i like most? I like teamdeath match more because here i play with some random players and kill opponent to make us win. You can gain respect and friends by showing your skills. Capture the flag is a pretty good mode to play. but kill confirmed is the best i think, Where you have to kill someone and collect a coin to confirmed that you killed him. there are lost of modes to play. you even can customize yourself make you look different from other which we cant see in most of fps games. i think game devoloper  Zombie Studios did great job to  make this game differrent from other fps games and thanks to Perfect World Entertainment to publish this game.
    I personally love this game. I play with some friends. and we ussually play teamdeath match, capture the flag. and this is fun to play to show off your friends that you can play better then them. so give it a try and its free to play.

    Rate this article Blacklight Retribution

    (1.67/5) 3 ratings

    Play Blacklight Retribution

    Blacklight Retribution

    Blacklight Retribution is a free, action-packed FPS game set in the distant future. If you are a fan of such games as Call of Duty or Ghost Recon, then this game is certainly for you.Join the battle in an entirely futuristic fashion through technologies available in the game. Make use of the Hyper Reality Visor you have to see a...


    This is more like an opinionate article. Need more facts, not your opinions! Despite your opinions are right or not. I feel like this article lack a tons of information about the game. Not a good article overall.

    22 june 2019 15:00

    i bored a read this articles

    4 february 2021 08:03

    I need motivation... :(

    13 january 2018 20:27