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    (4/5) 15 rates
    LirCZE, 2 january 2019 18:04

    Beyond the Invisible: Evening review

    Today we will talk about horror game which you can find on steam. Name of this game is Beyond the Invisible: Evening. It is logic and puzzle game made for smart and also not so many people. Enjoy this scary review

    Basic information:
    Another game that looks more like millennium-based adventures or flash clicker which you can play normally in the browser. Beyond the Invisible is a game for clever heads and potentially funny and a bit dark to mysterious, but its price destroys all the tastes to play this game at all because you will not turn on again in the same 2 hours. Cost 10 euro on steam at the moment.

    (Picture Source https://www.kinguin.net/fr/category/46434/beyond-the-invisible-darkness-came-steam-cd-key )

    An appearance that apparently deliberately targets the nostalgia of players who played games in a similar spirit. The locations are very dark and mysterious while graphically relatively sophisticated and supplemented by appropriate sound proofing. So if you look for game with perfect graphic which looks like from next century, this game is not good for you.

    If you want to finish this game, then you have to think seriously. You will find lots of logical puzzles, normal puzzles or clue-all, and not all are simple. Even though the game takes you by the hand and points you towards the goal, it is not easy to find the specific thing that is needed. The advantage is that there is only one right procedure.

    (Picture source https://small-games.info/?go=game&c=11&i=17816 )

    The story is one big cliché and unspeakable but the authors have been able to process it here in such a way that it will attract you and tune in its waves, so you end up in it in the end, but you can enjoy just for a small amount of time. You will encounter the darkness itself in small village full of mysterious things when you will try to rescue a little girl.

    Main Character:
    In this specific game are two or three main characters, does matter what u realize when you say main character. First one is a little girl who live in the village and you try to save her, she leads you in the game from the right beginning. Second main character is you as male main character, you won't be able se yourself because the game is in first person mode. The last character is the evil witch which trying to take over unbelievable power located in woods around the village.

    The classic logic adventure which has a mysterious story and its passage is not so simple yet it only lasts for a few hours and is probably a bit overpriced so if you decided to buy wait for sale. 

    ///Do not forget rate my article, hope you enjoy.
    //Game is already uninstalled, so I had to use pictures from other peoples
    /This is corrected version of the article

    Rate this article Beyond the Invisible: Evening review

    (4/5) 15 rates


    Nice Article! It seems quite interesting

    11 february 2020 16:52

    mysterious case🏀

    5 january 2019 07:35

    good work

    2 january 2019 18:35

    Not bad

    3 january 2019 16:33

    Great article

    11 february 2020 02:33

    i dont like it

    6 january 2019 11:45

    Not bad
    Presentation is bit weak
    But nice job overall
    Keep going and improving

    2 january 2019 23:13

    is there also a morning version? :-)

    11 june 2020 19:36

    great game

    12 november 2019 15:51

    well written.

    17 january 2019 19:15