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    (4.17/5) 6 rates
    LirCZE, 2 january 2019 17:54

    BanHammer review

    This is review for a low price steam game named BanHammer, You will get a chance to save the environment in Africa. Will you take it? Because the game won´t be purchasable soon, you should hurry.


    BanGammer is not a revolutionary game, it is more of a quick relaxation that will make you entertained for a while. In the game you play as an animal protector trying to get rid of a bunch of poachers who are trying to kill these animals, just like you. The best element in the game is the multiplayer where you can do crazy stuff.

    The game style is simple and reminds a lot of flash games that you turn on in the browser when you are bored. Obstacles can sometimes make a problem, because it may seem like you are going through this way, but not really. The map is relatively small and divided into several individual areas with a different degree of difficulty, shown on map in color spectrum green (easy)/orange (medium)/purple (hard).

    The look of the map is nothing excellent, because the same objects are often used again and again, that create two divided areas on map savanna and camps. Even enemies are often the same only with the changed color spectrum. The main screen have settings where you can change graphic prepositions.

    Game system:
    In the main camp you can buy a large number of weapons or perform missions for which you receive rewards. Weapons offer a wide range of gaming options to try out what you can do all. BanHammer also provides several characters that have different statistics and a distinct look.

    Enemies are dull and therefore easy to play, but the thread comes within the number of them. The only exception are Bosses, who are in camps and have a huge amount of lives. On the map we can also found various animals that have no influence on the game, but the environment makes them more alive.

    Game got new year pack DLC, in this pack you can find 4 new epic weapons, which are the greatest in the all game. This DLC is for free so do not forget to claim it. The game is complete so do not expect any new content like this mentioned DLC.

    A fast 2D shooter, that has no end and it's just about shooting it all. The big difference is given if you play the game with other player, because artificial intelligence is with the absence of intelligence. If I have to make decision and give points for this game I would give 6 points from 10, because for short amount of time you will enjoy this game, i recommend purchase when the price for this game is under 5 euros.

    (If you want this game you should hurry because it won´t be purchasable in any moment)

    ///Do not forget rate this article, my English is little bit the worst then I expect so be tolerant please :smile:
    //Pictures are completely my taken from the game itself
    This is corrected version of the article

    Rate this article BanHammer review

    (4.17/5) 6 rates


    Awesome game!

    4 january 2019 11:53

    good work

    2 january 2019 18:39

    Oh, I just found the DLC on store..

    3 january 2019 06:46

    I would like to play it someday

    5 january 2019 21:47


    11 february 2020 02:34


    3 january 2019 16:34

    Love it. Good job.

    26 january 2019 13:25

    how many games have "hammer" in name anyway?

    11 june 2020 19:39

    Really Good article..

    16 july 2019 14:33

    A very colorfull game.

    17 january 2019 19:19