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    Offer, 10 august 2018 02:05

    Beginner's Guide to Roblox Trading

    So before I get started, on Roblox, users can trade items to other users for more items or Robux. NOTE: To be able to trade items on Roblox, both of the users that are trading with need Builders Club. So this guide for those BC players.

         So after you get Builders Club, you will unlock features that NBC (Non-Builders Club) players will not have. One of these features is the ability to trade items called Limiteds. Some players on Roblox have earned millions of Robux just by trading. Before you start trading you need to get some Robux to buy your first Limited. You can get it by earning them or buy straight up buying them. You will need around 300-400 Robux to start your journey. After you get the Robux you would go to the Catalog and go to Collectibles and sort it to "Price (Low to High)". Buy something that interests you and think that other players would want. After you bought an item, you can start trading!

         To trade the item you can go to a game called Trade Hangout. It is a game where other traders hang out and offer trades. You can see other people's items by clicking on the player in the game.  I would recommend finding someone with an item that has a little more RAP (Recent Average Price) than your item. Ask the person with the item and ask them, "Can I have (their item name) for my (your item name)".  They may send you a trade request. Or you can send the request by going to the player's profile and click "Trade Items". You get notified when you get new trade requests in your messages. You can repeat these methods to "upgrade" your items. There are other things that go into good items to trade for like value and demand. They are important when you are mostly dealing with items worth more than 1k RAP. There is a site that can give you that information, it's called rbx.rocks and it can help you decide a trade is good. If you have OBC (Outrageous Builders Club) you can cash out Robux you earn to real life money with DevEx.

    Some Tips:

    • There is a lot of bad trades, don't be afraid to decline the trade.
    • When trades include Robux, Roblox takes a 30% cut.
    • Don't always rely on RAP, it's not always the best to judge on.
    • Trade a lot, after you trade a lot you will learn how to get better.
    • Join a trading group, it is useful for getting a lot of requests.

    Words You Should Know:
    RAP: Recent Average Price, it is how much that item sells for.
    Value: How much the item is worth based on the amount sold.
    Demand: How many times the item gets bought in the catalog.

    BEWARE: There are scammers and don't trust anything that sounds too good to be true and sound fishy.  Report those players to Roblox.  And don't download random Chrome extensions, some of them steal your info.

    To end this off, trading on Roblox is complicated and requires a lot of knowledge and skills, so keep on practicing.

    Rate this article Beginner's Guide to Roblox Trading

    (4.39/5) 133 rates

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    Oh, I didn't know that trading items require BC (a.k.a. Premium in 2020). The article is so useful, good job!!

    26 february 2020 11:49

    i have been trading for four years now i have two million RAP and three point seven million VALUE (2mil RAP , 3.7mil VALUE)

    2 april 2020 15:28

    Thanks now I can trade hats

    25 november 2019 03:59

    really nc game!

    27 july 2019 17:04

    I love this game because graphics

    18 march 2019 14:12

    Maybe im a traiger i reigy traiger

    2 april 2019 20:54


    18 march 2019 08:12

    Trade Hangout is an excellent game! love the article! 😀

    27 december 2018 16:29

    I like the article but the thing is you need to have builders club to be able to trade huh sad 4 stars

    6 april 2019 11:26

    This is my most fav game ever!!!!!!!!!

    23 february 2019 15:24