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    (4.5/5) 14 rates
    mo_hardy, 7 august 2018 15:57

    Barrier X - An Overview

    Barrier X is a brutal minimalist arcade game where you dodge barriers at high speeds while listening to awesome tracks.
    It is an Indie game by Noclip and published by Hyper train digital.

    Barrier X is a very simple game but is done well.

    The game play consists of dodging barriers while your speed is increased progressively.
    Every fifteen seconds your speed receives a boost to make the game tougher.
    The barriers' location is shown by the red color of the lane they will appear on to plan your movement.
    As a barrier approaches you change your lane its that simple.
    The controls are very responsive and the game looks pretty enough to hold your attention.
    The main Problem I faced with the game was the difficulty it is nothing to laugh at its a hard game.
    Dark Souls level hard.

    But because of the music of the game and the pretty art I keep coming back for another round.(it is captivating)

    Each letter of BARRIER represents a level of the game with a different tune you must unlock by doing better in the last letter you have unlocked.
    These new levels have conditions such as they tell you which lane to go to every once in a while and if you disobey your camera gets wonky till you change the lanes(mind you its not necessary.

    The music is a major component of the game as it truly helps you relax (if you get good at the game) or it pushes you on to perform.(if like me you arent any good at this sort of a game)
    Regardless the tracks that play are amazing and the reason why I ever come back to the game at all.

    The artstyle is unique and impressive.
    It is a combination of colors and simple polygons which work really well to give us an aesthetically pleasing game.

    (this picture is from the steam store the rest are from my game-play)
    While the game looks good the minimalist art style enables outdated hardware to run it without any issues.
    A integrated card(the Intel ones) after the I-3 5th gen could run this without any problem or even the Pentium.(core 2 duo is still a no)

    The game is available for free on mobile devices so you could play it there for a different experience or try it before getting the PC version.
    I don't know if the controls are responsive there as well but on the PC the controls are very fluid

    The only real complaint I have with the game is that it doesn't allow you to relax as I would want from a game like this it requires constant attention and you need to plan your moves all the way (like a game of chess) but only in the span of a fifth of a second.

    Overall there isn't much to say about this indie gem.
    I recommend you try it.
    Its quite cheap on sales and is often bundled.
    I give it a 7/10
    Its fun for a while but it wont hold you for long however you can always come back to it for a good time.

    Rate this article Barrier X - An Overview

    (4.5/5) 14 rates


    nice... kinda short but alright

    7 august 2018 16:55

    Good job well presented hope it's yours and not pasted

    7 august 2018 16:54

    Nicely done.

    7 august 2018 16:53

    It's ok, well done.

    7 august 2018 16:04

    interesting review its a lot like audio surf back in the game but i guess dark souls like maybe ill get it these type of games are very simple yet captavating i spent many hours just playing them while listening to my favoritee music especially in my nightcore phase itss super cringe but i use to play it so much to songs like monsters a bit embarrsing but the nostalgia vibes would make me buy it like pokemon everyone plays pokemmon for the nostalgia

    29 february 2020 23:39

    pretty well done

    24 july 2019 18:56