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    (4.82/5) 11 rates
    noobda, 19 december 2017 19:48

    ASTRONEER [Steam] - Review

    This is a sandbox adventure game in colonizing planets which aren't heard of but full of eye candy graphics and textures and design that looks like material design theme. But anyhow the game is feels pretty good for being 1 year old a few days ago, the game celebrated 1 year anniversary on December 16th...

    Read on to find out more about the inter planetary and aero space exploration game...

    This game so called Astroneer is released on December 16th of 2016, its been one year since its initial release but it's still in early access, even then its quite good to be in early access. People who found No Man's Sky disappointing are going to see this and give it a try as this game brings back quite some memories of that game, at least  a hope of what the game actually told it'll be like when released, but things didn't turn out very well for No Man's Sky though.

    This game has a indie feel to it but its a Multi Player online game. Here are some of the Steam statistics about the game:

    • Release Date: 16th December, 2016
    • Reviews: Very positive
    • Developer: System Era Softworks
    • PUblisher: System Era Softworks
    • Engine: UnReal Engine
    • Game Genre: Open world game with Multi Player
    • Single Player
    • Online Co-op
    • Full Controller support
    • Has no achievements
    • No Trading Cards for this game, and may be introduced once the game goes full live and out of the early access

    This game is pretty well taken care by its developers as it's getting updates very quite often, as of now its recent update was on Dec 18th, that is today which is quite a good thing that the game is not left along side of the barn. I have to mention that this game is not a free to play game and it requires real money to buy this game actually, and its some where near $16 on the steam market place and may get a nice discount for this winter sales on steam.

    About the gameplay:

    Explore and exploit the whole environment in the game which is quite destructible with the device that our main protagonist has, it basically gets eveything into invisible objects in no time. It well deserves a purpose for sure as it gets some of its agenda from the old nostalgic games which took over the gaming industry a while ago. Those games deserve a shoutout for sure.

    In case you're wondering how the gameplay actually looks like, here's a screenshot of the gameplay while playing on Windows using steam... And this game is also available on many platforms and on to the consoles... This game may stabilize at a later stage as of now its still in Early Access and its has some non mentionable bugs, but they are quite negligible when said that the game is still in EARLY ACCESS... but this being a paid game, many hope that this game goes stable and releases fully soon so that one can experience all its features.

    As we can't judge Early Access games by their early access version or beta gameplay and performances, I can just conclude that the game is pretty good to be an Space and Material design game that has planets and planetary models in it...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article ASTRONEER [Steam] - Review

    (4.82/5) 11 rates


    Lov this game so much, thx 4 the guide

    7 october 2019 23:06

    Thanks you fort theses informations.

    21 march 2019 17:15