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    (3.67/5) 3 ratings
    Mrdox, 19 december 2017 16:20

    Review | The Last Guardian

    The Last Guardian is a game of adventures of a different character, explaining the story is very limited here as usual development team on this side, play a boy finds himself a huge castle and his body a lot of blame, not knowing how he came here but he wants to escape and the only way so is in cooperation with this giant creature Torrico, who has a past that is not happy with humans, is familiar with the memory of this creature when he tries to destroy you! There are not many scenes to show the story and you have to live between the relationship between the boy and the creature and to build events with your thinking and the conclusions of this adventure.

    If you want a quick comparison, the game here is closer to the game Ico first team projects in terms of the idea, trying to move from place to place by solving the puzzles and the use of platforms for the environment around you, surely plays creature "Torrico" a large role by taking advantage of the game to take advantage of it either by jumping on his back to reach remote areas Or using his ability to launch "to say electricity" to break some roads or even dive with him to the deep places and most important of all facing the soldiers and defeat the boy can not fight and must leave it to Torrico, on the other hand the boy also help Toriko to progress the game being afraid of Some of the icons he sees on the glass board and you have to break through the adventure to help Torrico to progress with you.

    The game is very nice to build the relationship between the boy and the Torko. At first, this creature does not respond to your orders and the struggle begins. But as time goes on, you feed this monster. Actually built a wonderful relationship based on the love of the creature was a beast and a boy wanted to escape only and return to his family, but after experiencing all those risks will fall in love with this giant creature, especially after all those long jumps and only wish that Toriko saved you before the fall.

    Let's talk about the technical aspect of the game. Well, The Last Guardian is a very charming game in its world and its environment. You will see a lot of wonderful and amazing details on the walls and in the different areas of the game. To the last even with the linearity of this adventure has been plagued by the game on the technical side, the speed of the tires decreased significantly, especially in the open areas and also some technical problems from time to time that forced me to restart the game again from the last saved to complete the adventure.

    On the level of audio, the game offers some very wonderful tunes from time to time and most of the game will listen to the sound of nature except the period of confrontation with the soldiers, the boy screams so much to call Torrico during the adventure and there is another voice tells us the events and helps you to venture some hints about Toriko himself and his voice closer Maicon For the animal brutality and in general on the technical level this game offers itself in an excellent manner with many elements in it and the fact that the level of this team programming animations of the characters and designs environments is one of the best to see the video game industry and rightly feel that Toriko is a realistic creature of his actions And its interaction with different environments.

    The style of play, well the whole adventure will try to jump between the platforms and try to solve the puzzles to reach the new areas, here vary things between playing the boy alone at times to try to find a giant and the use of the giant and riding on the back to reach the distant places, as I talked before the game closer to the game Ico but by a different nature by adding Giant, you can climb on the head of the giant and directing the way you want to go and sometimes will suffer from this side because of artificial intelligence, but you have to patience with them to solve it and try again.

    There are other pieces where some of the soldiers will face. Well, the boy can not fight. You have to find the road that allows Toriko to reach these areas to fight them and then try to calm Torrico, who is crazy after the fighting.

    There is no doubt that The Last Guardian has brought a new magical experience from Fumito Ueda and the rest of the team to work and if the problems experienced by the game in some aspects of the experiences were unforgettable.


    Rate this article Review | The Last Guardian

    (3.67/5) 3 ratings


    "this adventure has been plagued by the game on the technical side, the speed of the tires decreased significantly." That's not technical this is poetic. 🚴

    26 december 2017 02:48