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    (4.8/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 19 december 2017 20:27

    Prison Architect [Steam] - Review

    Yes, this is a classic simulation game that requires strategy in order to play this game effectively, this is quite interesting after watching many movies and T.V series that involve Prison Break, not to mention the nice T.V series which is the prison break. Even without watching those you can still be able to play this game with general and basic common sense, as that's what is required to play almost any strategy game that involves contruction and stuff like that.

    For those who're wondering, yes this game released for Android and iOS recently, so this is a review about this game on steam especially on windows machine, and I have to mention this game is available for MAC, Linux as well.... So, read along to find out more about this game so called 'Prison Architect'

    Prison Architect:
    So, the game somehow looks and feels as its described below, that's all there is to the game. In this game you're an architect who constructs a prison to keep the notorious criminals and bad guys who try to escape all the time. Your job is to build a prison that is almost impossible to break and escape from, which requires some critical thinking and some general sense of the game and real life things to some extent.

    This game is available on Steam from 2015's october, and still has pretty good reviews and has many people playing this game on a sequential basis. I have to mention that this game is not a free to play game, at least not on steam for obvious reasons, one of them being, 'think about the developer'.
    Taking about the developer and steam, here are some of the steam statistics of the game:

    • Single Player
    • Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews over the last 2 years
    • Developer: Introversion Software
    • Publisher: Introversion Software
    • Has Steam workshop included, as these are similar to level editors and stuff....
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • Steam Cloud Saves
    • Includes Level Editor
    • Has 18 Steam Achievements
    • Has Audio support for over 5 languages including English
    • Game updated on a regular basis without leaving it behind in an ocean of bugs or conflicts
    • Awards won: BAFTA games award for Persistent Game

    For all those people who have their thinking hats on all the time, this game is for you. This game has a lot of immersion in the creativity and thinking involved in this game. As you can build almost an unbreakable prison to a prison that's just a coffee shop look alike, its all based on you in deciding which one to build and care for.

    This game has two modes, the first one is Story Mode where it has the story of Edward who commits a crime for passion...
    And the other mode is Escape Mode where the name itself describes the main function about the game. You'll have to go through the escape plan and escape from the prison like in the movies but with the right strategy and thinking which includes the knowledge of the map in the particular game's construction.

    This game is pretty small and here are the system requirements for this game:

    > Requires an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or similar one [almost all CPU now-a-days are better than this]
    > 300MB hard disk space
    > 4 GB RAM is helpful but it just requires around 700MB tops
    > Graphics Crad is helpful but you can always run this game off your Intel HD Graphics or your integrated graphics processor, which can handle the game pretty good and flawlessy as this is just an Indie game not a Triple A title (AAA Game)

    This game also made some noise in mobile gaming industry, its available for both Android and iOS on the APP stores... 

    Prison Architect is a game where you can go through the story mode and play the game as its meant to be or you can go through your imagination and create awesome things out of your brain and imagination which lead to great maps and levels which you can exhibit in steam workshop and also on your profile showcase.... Keeping that aside, this game has many things to offer as an Indie game that's so exciting and addicting which is based on your imagination and your brain. So, seems a good game as of now, and has a deal on Steam for the winter sale....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Prison Architect [Steam] - Review

    (4.8/5) 5 rates


    A good game with this great review

    2 june 2019 07:41

    This is a good game but needs to be cheaper.

    22 june 2019 12:11

    A friend recommended this game to me several times. I really have to give it a try... thanks a lot for the review and the "reminder". :-)

    4 december 2019 08:44

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    25 december 2017 01:18