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    (4.2/5) 25 rates
    Kingsnaje, 20 january 2019 10:04


    Assassin's Creed Origins The curse of the pharaohs DLC


    Slowly, half a year ago, Assassin's Creed Origins was released, and although perhaps it did not bring the revolution in the life of the series as promised, we can still find a reason to return to the devastated world of ancient Egypt. Such reasons are regular arrivals, and of course DLCs for money, the biggest ever arrived of The Curse of the Pharaos (the same Dolphin Book was in the seventies, István Ráth-Végh) written by him). Of course, the fresh add-on further expands the set of things to be considered in this case, not just the weight of the missions. This time Bayek is on vacation in Thames and Valley of the Kings, there are a number of mythological creatures to be killed and four in the form of a pharaoh returning from the afterlife.

    Képtalálat a következőre: „ac origins the curse of the pharaohs”


    Our hero gets a tip that a piece of Eden has come up in Thaba, walks with full breast width, which is the least we can expect. During your travels, you have to go through the main game and the former DLC, The Hidden Ones, obviously through different venues, not as much as ever in the sight of Luxor and Karnak temples and the surrounding countryside. Not so often a nightmare-spoiled country with a yellowish wheat field with splitting boats: Ubisoft, with this fantasy world, provides diversity to the campaign. More specifically, this is not the case, since it was an absolute climax for cartoon-like zombie-pharaohs for the action deposits, for which the add-on was finally agreed. The Curse of the Pharaohs will almost contrast with The Hidden Ones, which - as much as expected from the Assassin's Creed game - is balanced in reality. Curse is full of svunggal tocc in Egyptian mythology. In short, the mood is flawless.

    The story itself is approx. as big as the original campaign, understand: not too much. Yet, as a KALAND game based on action mechanisms, it works great. From a good old fetch quest, that is to say, "come to me this-to-it" -click mission, it is unfortunate, and a lot of unfortunate idiots, who are unable to bind their own mouths, put their problems in the neck, these are the other kind of missions. The narrative does not attempt to start with an ambitious Bayek figure, its personality does not develop into anything, it only reacts physically to what is happening to it. That then, when you walk into and out of the horseshoe Bayek for the afterlife, we don't get an explanation. If you're not interested in the figure, what do you care about? Here's a giant scorpion, practice it!

    Képtalálat a következőre: „ac origins the curse of the pharaohs”


    I played Curse of the Pharaohs in 15 hours, but I never hurry. You'll do it faster. In addition to the main mission line, DLC also presents us with the experience of discovering the thai areas, and with the not-too-bloody team of the usual types of side missions mentioned above. Pull up the level limit to 55, and skillfree will skim over the ability to fold. Compared to the last time we saw Bayes last four years (because there is so much time between the main play and the story of TCOTP), these skills are scarce. What did he do during these four years, sapping the lemonade in the shadow of a pyramid?

    The effect of DLC on its own remains positive despite these inconveniences. Because it's all like adventure, like a grandiose fairy tale, mostly works effectively. The splendor of details and the unpredictability of the world are blatant with something remarkable. I say that I do not like Assassin's Creed games with a few exceptions. So bias is excluded.

    Képtalálat a következőre: „ac origins the curse of the pharaohs”


    Fashion tosses the term "historical fiction" when the history is skewed according to our own desire. Well, The Curse of the Pharaohs is a good example of this popcultural shooter.

    Rate this article ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS DLC

    (4.2/5) 25 rates


    i purchased it and completed i on first day

    11 february 2019 18:25

    the pictures make me feel like I should play this game, just from the pictures alone

    26 march 2019 13:00

    i am going for it, rly good job

    28 january 2019 00:01

    i enjoyed all the creed games apart from that one unity didnt get on with that

    17 may 2019 14:34

    Is good

    8 june 2019 21:20

    Good game graphics...ok article!

    20 january 2019 22:45

    Really Good game😊

    12 may 2019 13:43

    Great article I myself own this game and was wondering if I should play again maybe buy the DLC. After reading I think I'm going to get it looks like a fantastic addition. Well done!

    12 january 2020 19:17

    this DLC deserve 40$,very beautiful display. have more map and boss,nice gameplay!

    13 july 2019 14:43

    I wonder what is "svunggal tocc"?

    20 january 2019 13:59