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    (4/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 21 march 2018 12:24

    Article WWE 2K16

    Over the past few years, I have not been very satisfied with the results of the wrestling games, especially by the development team Yuke's, the fact that I did not try the last version of the series significantly, which was described by the great evolution of the game but with great shortcomings in content and I had the opportunity to experience this year's edition and today we offer you review.

    Let's start talking about the game from the technical side. Well this game in this year's version offers a mix of the level of the drawings. There are good designs for some wrestlers and other designs, and the facial expressions of the wrestlers when executing the strikes and the scenes that tell the story are not the best. From time to time, we can praise the animation in the game. The movement is more realistic than ever before. In general, the game carries with it good progress in graphics compared to previous years, but there are still many problems that can be worked on.

    The presentation of the game is very good with footage similar to the offers of RAW and Smackdown and monthly festivals, for example, the voices of the announcers of the game and talk refined, however, this year's version is an evolution of copies of past years with multiple statements from commentators and it is good that the game offers a number of them between presentations Well, on a technical level, WWE 2K16 offers a mediocre overall level that is slightly upgraded by the designs of some wrestlers and animations but the overall view is medium for the game and there is a lot of room for improvement.

    Although the game of wrestling, but the focus of this version on the stage of one player is very wonderful, the game offers a lot of phases that concern the player between the 2 K Showcase, which we live with the story of wrestler Stone Cold and also developed MyCareer and WWE Universe and through the story will be a lot of moments Pressing the right time or the QTE is different from the habit of getting a movie scene that tells us the story of the wrestler Stone Cold.

    WWE 2K16 focuses more on simulation and professionalism. There are a number of power meters provided by the game that rely on your skill to reverse. The strikes or the joy of the masses and these things help you to win significantly to maintain your fitness, which plays a large role in the game as well as the possibility of getting out of the blows of the opponent even the most moments and other things.

    It will depend heavily on the "reverse" of the strikes. This limits your competition, but the new one here compared to last year's version, because you only have a limited number of reversals so the game does not completely turn the game upside down. The general idea of this system is good but the execution is not the best. .

    The control system becomes too complex for the game of wrestling, the more you hold your competitors appear on the screen circle you have to press the joystick Analog in it to try to select the weak point of the opponent hit and repeated every time, also system strikes and strikes and other things make this game boring after a simple game for a lot Using the buttons This approach may be suitable for some, but I personally found it a game of wrestling built for quick entertainment, you will need time to learn the control system and even then it will remain troublesome to press too much on the buttons.


    A very large number of wrestlers with a combat system needs to be professional and a variety of stages of play and developed a story of entertaining in many aspects
    WWE 2K16 carries with it an improvement in the series of wrestling games and towards simulation more than arcade games, but there is more to work until the game becomes better and more fun

    Rate this article Article WWE 2K16

    (4/5) 2 ratings


    let me l v l u p

    18 april 2020 04:01

    wow i love wwe

    28 january 2020 04:21