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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 9 march 2018 13:58

    Article The Witness

    It has been a long time since the release of the Braid genius game, and since then everyone is waiting for new talent behind that game. Finally we got to that moment, The Witness was released, and it looks strange in everything. The game is an open world, and is locked in the perspective of the first person, although the player does not have any weapon or performance, unlike the known of games of this kind. The reason is that the whole game is a very deep puzzle game!

    The puzzles of the game are mainly based on connecting two points to each other, and that is what will happen at the beginning. Later, additional rules and conditions are added that make the puzzle not as easy as one would expect to connect a line between two points. But the real genius in the game lies in the way the puzzles are presented, as you will find in the way and at first some puzzles that you will not understand the way to solve it except by luck from the first attempt.

    The game depends on the method of exploration and learning, which requires you to analyze the environment around you accurately, so you find some tips and training puzzles to learn how to overcome the obstacles waiting for you. If you want to know more about this in a live example from the beginning of the game and will not burn anything to you, watch our review in the next video.

    What makes the game more fun than any other puzzle game is its own world. In the game you are in a small island, and everything you see can reach it. You can walk in the sequence of the game differently than any other player. Each area in the game contains a variety of different puzzles and great ideas. And there is also a tangle between the areas of the game and participate in some puzzles and ideas. For those who like to explore, you will find here some interesting secrets and places, and some audio files that will enthrall you more in the story of the hidden game.

    Perhaps the only Wittiness problem is that some puzzles will require deep reflection outside the box to solve it and thus patience from the player, some of them rely on memory more than intelligence. But in general, the game is very enjoyable, and the games that you may have to play at intervals because it requires you to focus fully in thinking. The game reminds me of the fact of the other genius Portal, how to deal with the environment and let the player to discover and learn. Without doubt one of the best games released this year.


    +An open world exciting to explore, intelligent puzzles based on self-education
    +The creators behind Braid did not disappoint and presented a smart game with a new idea and an open world worth exploring

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    Rate this article Article The Witness

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    i luv it

    27 january 2020 09:19

    i wanna be a witness on the friend list😂

    12 march 2018 14:23


    5 august 2019 16:39