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    (5/5) 1 rating
    Mrdox, 9 march 2018 14:09

    Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

    Before we went into that terrifying adventure at the palace of the first Resident Evil game there were events we did not know about. The Zero part of the series came to explain us a lot of secrets and to learn more about the biological weapons of Emberla and those viruses that were going to invade the world. The experience of the game again 14 years after the original version and the version of the remaster of the company Capcom It is time to know the level of this game through our review.

    The first thing you'll notice in the game is the graphics improvements you got in comparison to the original version. Players can venture into the widescreen or simulate the original game in 3 dimensions. : 4 As before, overall the game looks very nice with its graphics, the quality of the video shows in the game and as with Remaster Al Reemek for the first part was not good despite the great improvements in character models and the overall game environment but the CG shows were not felt Yona.

    The fact is that this game is not the best series Resident Evil is the foundations of part Zero, this part provided with the system of the dual play of personalities and the change between them during the adventure and also the exchange of tools when they meet this system did not amount to much because of the weakness of artificial intelligence when controlling the second player and also the absence The toolbox that we are used to saving additional tools is to throw things on the ground and get them later when you need them and early in the game will realize that this system annoying some thing.

    The game itself was not the best. The main enemy of the game has always felt like coming from the Final Fantasy series and having no relation to resident Evil at least in the first half of the game before you know his truth, but it's very nice to go back to the classic Evil series, which I love so much. If the first one with this part will be a very good thing but those who tried the original version of the game may agree with me that this part was not the best chain with a lot of elements in it.

    One of the new things that have been added to this version is the possibility of taking the adventure with the character of the famous enemy of the series. This is an addition that does not offer much, especially in the manner of personality control and strikes and the way it ran away from the atmosphere of the original series in a large way, overall Capcom again submitted a good work version of the remaster of the part Zero Offers the opportunity for many lovers of the series to experience this part, which has been exclusive to Nintendo home appliances for very long years.


    Return to the ambiance of the resident evil Classic and experience the part that many have never been able to venture into
    Remaster The Zero part of the Resident Evil series is certainly worth the experience for the series fans, especially in its classic style, but it has never been the best part of the series.

    Rate this article Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

    (5/5) 1 rating


    Good article.

    7 june 2020 09:56

    Great Game + Great Article 👍

    8 april 2018 18:32

    Thank you for the article! First RE game I've ever played was the original RE 3. I'm kinda sceptic as for the remastered versions, but maybe I should really try them... At least, RE 0 looks quite interesting, taking into account what you're writing about here.
    Thanks again!

    3 august 2020 09:06