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    (4.18/5) 51 rates
    yazdan, 18 june 2019 08:59


    Today I'm going to check a F2P android game, Archero with 4.4/5 in google play store.

    Enter a world where existence itself is eliminated you! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming waves of evil.

    The Archero is an impressive action and adventure free game for Android and iOS, only 190 megabytes, and you can play it on offline mode. Of course, in-game bonus and in-app purchases are also available, and players can watch different videos to get a different bonus.


    The players take on the role of an archer, who must go to war of various creatures and monsters. The game has 10 different realms that can be accessed by completing the others. The environmental variety in every realm is very good, and the difference between those worlds is not only apparent. Each world has a total of 50 different stages, each time the game starts the player experience a randomized stage and randomly constructed enemies. there are two different sections to upgrade your character one is to pay an amount of coin to randomly unlock a buff for your heroes like extra health and armor and another one is to equip your hero with some specific weapon and armor. during each stage, collecting bonuses for killing enemies, the players will be Level Up, which will receive a power-up for each promotion with their own choices. These power-ups play an important role in the game and your decision can play a huge change in the fighting.



    With the fascinating action and heavy battles of this game, players are faced with simple gameplay and streamlined controls that can easily experience Archero offline at any time and place. The players control the movements of the archer with a touchpad on the bottom of the screen, and when it is released, the archer stops and starts shooting at the evil monsters. The enemies of the game are also very various, each of them specifically attacks the archer, enemies have their own skill and movement speed and style, the players will know them by the time passes.

    Archero also performs very well in the graphics and visual experience, a fantastic and colorful experience for players. The possibility of high personalization for an archer controlled in several parts, such as clothes, arcs, and powerups, is one of the factors, imagine each time you choose random power-up skills and experience a random map with random enemies, I can say this game can be played forever and ever. also, in every world, new enemies are waiting for the players and new power-up skills. The animations and video effects of the game are also well implemented, and we see smooth gameplay on any device.


    Last words

    If you're a fan of action games on your smartphone, Archero is an exciting new action game with exciting gameplay and excellent graphics that can be enjoyed offline at different times. you can easily pause the game, turn the screen off and then when you have nothing to do start it again and enjoy it, the game is challenging in some stages and in some cases it is really about luck, if you are lucky to get the right power-up on the first stage you may clear the other stages easily.

    I hope you enjoy this game.

    Rate this article ARCHERO

    (4.18/5) 51 rates


    Good review and the game looks cool

    19 july 2019 19:14

    This is really well done.

    24 july 2019 13:15

    nice article thank you

    24 july 2019 19:41

    oh so nice game i like it yeah WOW so good one

    26 july 2019 04:11

    Fascinating! I will try the game.

    22 june 2019 14:58

    Nice work.

    21 june 2019 21:18


    25 july 2019 17:02

    They copied Clash Royale, right?

    21 june 2019 21:05

    Good work, as always.

    20 june 2019 16:48

    wait this helps with game hag? i havent seen it

    24 november 2019 13:43