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    Rate this article "An entirely Physics based puzzle game : Fall Flat [Steam]"

    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 17 february 2018 16:56

    An entirely Physics based puzzle game : Fall Flat [Steam]

    A game where the main and only reason to play is PHYSICS... Well, I'm not talking about all the geeky stuff here, I'm talking about the stuff you can imagine in this game, you'll have a chance to simulate your imagination and its relativity in physics... Yep, that's right, you can know how it actually works according to your imagination. You are provided with a guy/s named Bob who's goal is to escape the dream by solving puzzles involving absolute PHYSICS...

    Lets find out more about this game...

    Human: Fall Flat:
    This game has a lot to imagine, as the main story line is where you're Bob who tried to escape from a dream prison [type of thing] by solving puzzles that work based on physics and your imagination capability which has to applied in order to solve those puzzles. Its pretty fun and interesting as long as you're good in solving those puzzles and physics based things, and later on you have to start worrying or at least start to put some brain into the game as from there on the game won't be as easy as it is...

    Here 'Bobs' is not what you and we think [those minds though], Bob is a character here in the game... The game somehow has only interesting puzzles to offer and later on they said they'll be adding content to the game which will then be better. Anyway the game 'as is' is actually good as to be expected from a physics based puzzle game.

    So now lets go through some steam information about the game itself:

    • Single-Player
    • Multi-Player Available [only co-op though]
    • Very positive reviews on Steam
    • Release Date: 22nd July, 2016
    • Developer: No Brakes Games
    • Publisher: Curve Digital
    • When I said Multi player I mean to say Co-op not a bunch of guys
    • Split screen support for co-op
    • Has Steam achievements [A total of 51 achievements]
    • Steam Cloud saves
    • Has Steam Trading cards
    • Full controller support
    • Has Steam statistics for the game

    There is also a character customization menu thing in the game... here it is

    Here the character is again Bob... 
    Some of the main reviews and ratings for this nice game, actually this is quite a funny game to be honest [for kids of course but]

    High-Def Digest: 4/5
    VGProfessional: 7.1/10
    God is Geek: 7/10
    Metacritic: 70%

    Recent update: 
    The game is some how gonig to be fully multi player which means it'll be having the option to play with a bunch of guys... This is actually happening now, you can now join in a lobby with your friends and play with a bunch of pals. The steam information for some reason shows that this game is only co-op multi player as this is a recent change.

    So will I be able to run this game, well lets check that out now
    > A dual core processor is enough
    > 1 Gig of RAM is sufficient but who has only 1GB RAM these days though....
    > A graphics card is helpful but you can always run this on intel HD graphics with some low graphics
    > This game is about a half Gig

    The final verdict might just be 'A good game based on physics based puzzles', Yes, this game has pretty decent amount of puzzles which are almost non repetitive and pretty good in terms of design and gameplay aspects. Overall a pretty decent game for the price though...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article An entirely Physics based puzzle game : Fall Flat [Steam]

    (5/5) 3 ratings


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