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    Rate this article "A 2D arcade adventure game - Castle Crashers [Steam]"

    (5/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 17 february 2018 20:55

    A 2D arcade adventure game - Castle Crashers [Steam]

    This game is called Castle Crashers, and this is a 2D arcade adventure game which is pretty popular and it developed by The Behemoth...  And this game is not a free to play game or anything like that, this is neither a pay to win game actually. This is a pretty decent game with loads of fun in it... Lets find out more about this game...

    Castle Crashers ®:
    Yep, there is a ® symbol next to the game as this particular name of the game is registered somehow. This is an award winning game in 2D Arcade Adventure category, which makes this game even more interesting, well the fact that its interesting made it an award winning game... In this game all you have to do is smash, slash to make your way to the Castle to save your princess. That's are there is to it, to keep it very short but the adventure and the gameplay is pretty decent and packed with extreme fun and is quite addictive somehow. Did I say that this game is an Indie game of its own kind, and yes the adventure in this game can be played again and again in case you think you missed some part of it or forgot to collect something while in the speedrun.

    This game is actually multi player game to play with your friends [if any], and its quite fun actually [I came to know it the hard way]. This game is available on many Platforms as its from a renowned developer and for its obviously incredible idea of the gameplay, this game 'Castle Crashers' is available on PC [Steam], Macintosh, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 so far. As you can see from the characters the game features 4 characters best for co-op online with your friends online. These days its quite rare to find an online game or co-op game that is quite indie in nature and yet is packed with fun.

    Lets see what Steam has about this game, 

    • Single Player
    • Multi Player
    • Online Multi Player and even local multi player [LAN]
    • Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam
    • Release date: 26th September, 2012
    • Developer: The Behemoth
    • Publisher: The Behemoth
    • This game has co-op mode in both LAN and online
    • Co-op mode in even split screen mode or shared screen support
    • Cross platform multi player
    • Full Controller support, well you can use any gamepad that has xinput or just use x360ce controls that are compatible with your gamepad
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • Has Steam cloud saves, phew save files are safe
    • Has Steam Leaderboards
    • Has a total of 12 Achievements on steam
    • Has as many as 15k players, concurrent is around 1k though

    The gameplay somehow looks like that, as from the picture you can see that its quite cartoonic and funny, that's because its an indie game and not a Triple A title [AAA].

    Each level in this game is quite unique and pretty well designed so that you'll encounter different enemies and bosses of that castle. After quite a bit the above image will somehow look like this while defending.

    The hidden secrets in this game are quite challenging and fun, you'll eventually find yourself playing that level over and over again for those. Its quite replayable for almost everything in single player and even in co-op. The best part of this game about saving the princes which is quite actually your true love, somehow even if I fail to do so, I get a feeling that I tried till my last breath saving my LOVE, and I sleep in peace. Yeah, the story line is quite satisfying in many many ways, doesn't matter if you succeed or not, its just the plot that saves the day here...

    I'll definitely play this game even if I can't beat it, as I'll be trying to get my princess, just as in real life, JK... This game is quite fun if you play with your friends in multi player or even in co-op. Very nice and small fun game even in single player adventure mode, as it'll satisfy your loneliness for quite a while. 

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A 2D arcade adventure game - Castle Crashers [Steam]

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    eveeil waizard has to many stagaes

    2 june 2020 11:55

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