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    (4.5/5) 4 ratings
    grailmisdoer, 13 february 2018 22:30

    About Prey

    Prey is a sci-fi game that introduces us to a cliché fighting aliens in a space station. This game can be played with the help of fascinating sci-fi elements and the engagement story itself, but at the same time Prey has the ability to keep track of the difficulty of the game due to the weak system of struggles and imbalance. . If you want a fascinating science fiction game, Prey is a very good game, but if you're looking for a shooter game, Prey will disappoint you.

    The game Prey brings you into a cliché adventure where your story can take you to the end of the game and fight your alien creatures away from the game! Check out the prey game with Zoomji.
    Over and over again, in science fiction games, we went to the space stations where strange aliens stumbled in and destroyed the crew in the worst possible way. From the Doom game that took us to Mars and in that blood bath, Dead Space threw fear into the lives of the players in dark and empty places. All these games had common goals; they survived the sometimes dangerous, sometimes mysterious, and sometimes weird.
    The newest Arkane studio, the Prey game, is exactly the kind of cliché that went on to play this genre; getting caught up in a stadium filled with odd aliens that they had to escape. But well, as each of these games has their own story style, Prey has its own style and has some elements in your game that puts you to the end of the game, but at the same time there are problems that may make you so much get away from the game soon.

    The story of the Prey relates to a space station called Talos I, which in one of the days, the strange existence that the researchers put their name into typhoons, attacks the station and scientists use the opportunity and research them. You also, in the role of Morgan Yu, who can choose between the male and female, along with his brother, Alex Yu, are two of the main members of this space station. But the story starts from where you, as Morgan Yoo's character, wake up from sleep, you have nothing to remember, what the typhoons are and where they came from, what you have entered and who is responsible for these downsides; Morgan has forgotten everything. During the strange things you must experience yourself, Morgan Yoo sees videos that reveal the mysterious secrets of the typhoons, and he must destroy the entire Talos I space station.
    The storyline, narration and unexpected events that happen along the way are all a plus of the game's headlines, and the more you go into the adventures of the game, the more and more you like to find the answer to the questions of the game's events. Of course, it's not a straightforward news storyline. Many story issues are done through audio files, emails, and dialogs between characters. So if you want to enjoy the game, you need to have a good language to learn the twists and turns, otherwise you will not be involved with interesting events.
    One of the great things about Prey is the atmosphere and atmosphere created for this work. At first, it may seem like repetitive gaming environments, and think that you'll be tired of it soon, but the Talos I space station has so many winding roads, secrets and fascinating details that will be played at least once in a while. Do not get bored. Most of the gaming environment is made up of laboratories, research and exploration halls, and offices, and the rest are environments like restaurants and entertainment halls.

    You need to know that this game is not a scary effect, and you will not always be faced with dark and bloody environments, but you will not always be in bright, colorful environments. Arkin Studio has been able to balance well between dark and light environments between environments full of mystery and simplicity, and ultimately, between the environments where life is still underway and the environment dying in death. But there are a lot of black and dark environments in front of which the aliens roam around. If the files find and read the audio and emails in the environment, they are such that you can well understand and understand the time that this terrible thing still has not happened to the space station. The relationships between individuals before they are killed and the interesting and sometimes mysterious events that have taken place between scientists are some of the interesting things that interest you to find out more.
    But one of the problems that the game suffers from is the design of game stages that are not diverse. Most of the missions you need to do are turn them into locked doors that must be opened by doing different things, and these various tasks include finding keys or listening to audio files to find the password for locked doors. The positive point, of course, is that, in order to achieve your goal, finding a key to accomplishing each other's mission, the game provides you with several different ways to complete the mission. From hacking to finding hidden paths, these include some of the avoidance of duplication of game design. Of course, there are some steps like floating in an environment without gravity, including some pretty good parts of the game.

    Do not forget, of course, that you are not the only zombie in this space station, and other people have been able to survive in this incident with typhoon attacks, but many of them are in a difficult situation that they call you to call you help and you can either leave them or save them. Saving or noting them will also have fascinating consequences throughout the story that will help to captivate the story of the game. Also, people inside the game have been designed in the style and manner of the Arkin Studio, and whether you like them or not depends on your taste, but the main thing is that none of the characters in the game are memorable and can’t easily communicate with them. Although the principle of the game is your being alone at this station and other live characters in this game are not very important.
    But Prey is an important part of the game called enemies called typhoons. It is true that in this model games are always foreigners and, in the worst possible manner, bring evil to the people, which makes this happen to become a cliché, but the typhoons, game aliens, with the interesting design, have made me unable to They tell the Stereotype. These unknown creatures that are designed to combine darkness and horror, the diversity is not as significant as it is, but it is exhilaratingly exhilarating.
    One of these typhoons is the creature called the Mimics, which can make themselves in every way: from a glass to a fan and even a chair! The same thing has caused these creatures to be extremely unpredictable and suddenly surprise you. However, in the future, the technology will take you to help you recognize these mimics from real objects, but they can still surprise you in the worst possible way.
    There are other typhoons called phantoms that are in the size of humans, they are basically humans who have now become this nightmare, and you can hear them talking from the depths of darkness. Builders have integrated elements such as electricity with their black and dark bodies to diversify them and, of course, challenge them, making them harder to face, and getting close to them can be troublesome. Next to the phantoms, other creatures, such as Cystvids, or even humans who are no longer in control of themselves, will be in front of you. But your most dangerous enemy is Nightmare. There is only one of these massive and hard-hitting creatures in the game environment, which can be found without special timing. You either have to overcome it or survive it at a specified time. It's impossible to kill this at the beginning of the game, and it's hard to get hit by the level of characters and weapons.

    But the worst part of the game is nothing but a campaign system! The game unreservedly has not met the balance between the power of weapons and the power of the typhoons. The game of moderate and higher temperament will turn you into an intolerable work because the typhoons, especially the phantoms, even one of them are able to easily kill your life and waste a lot of ammunition. As someone who loves hard games, the struggle with the typhoons is not something that can be said to be a tough game, but should be called an unbalanced game. Of course, Prey is not one that can never be advanced, but to advance the game, you have to search the entire environment, find enough ammo, and then fight against the typhoons. However, if you drop your head and go to them, you will either be killed easily or you will lose all of your ammunition, just for one or two phantoms; you will not be lucky enough to be more of them in the environment! Of course, the game can be both stealth and action adventure, but Prey has both of its own weaknesses that have damaged the game experience. Keep in mind, though, that you are not side by side with a shooter, and the main focus is not fireworks. But what we want or not to do is to fight the typhoons and the guns are the only player's backing in the game, which combines these two, the worst thing to play.
    Another important gameplay part of the game is the presence of the elements of the roleplaying that has greatly contributed to the process. One of the most important elements of the game's play is the ability to upgrade Morgan Yoo's personality features. During the game, you can upgrade various capabilities by finding a tool called "Niromud". One of them is the ability to hack that is bad during the game. A feature like carrying heavy objects can also make your job easier along the way. Other things like knock-down power, learning to upgrade weapons, and faster moving game characters are among other parts of the Morgan Yoo upgrade.
    But while it is possible to upgrade Morgan Yoo's human capabilities, another part can be upgraded to the typhoon features! With that, it's possible to transfer the typhoons to Morgan Yoo to see the odd and, of course, interesting things from him. To be one of these features is the same as the Mimic Typhoon. For this, Morgan Yoo can become a glass, for example, to keep himself safe from typhoons, or to make himself unobtrusive. It's also possible to turn some people into typhoons to fight for you!
    One of the interesting things about playing is finding different items and collecting them. Instead, the environment is full of items that can be stored and converted into crude materials using parsing devices that exist in some places. Then you can use these materials in 3D printers and make the tools you need! From guns to kits, health, ammo, or even some keys to opening doors are one of the things you can do to find the right items.
    Ultimately, the game is visual and technical, it's not a spectacular task to stare at every corner and enjoy it, but at the same time it's not the one that can’t stand it. Everything is in good condition and you will not be faced with a poorly crafted work. One of the good points of the game's visual graphics is the precision of detail that was used to design many of the Talos I space station components. Pictures on the wall, handwritten notes, decoration design, and such items are some of the tips that make the sightseeing of this space station attractive. Also, typhoons and mimics composed of elements such as smoke have a great design. In general, you will never face a series of weak pixels that you eat, and Prey does not despair. The game is technically not bad either, and only occasionally you will be faced with a drop in frivolous frames. Sometimes, in very short cases, I sometimes saw some elements of the environment, such as signs and pictures on the walls and walls, were delayed. But the relatively negative point is the technical part of game ludgings, which are not very long, but they are tricky.
    But one of the strengths of the game is its great sounding. Occasional voices heard from a destroyed space station, the sound of sirens, strange sounds from distant distances, and even the sounds of bomiks and phantoms all worked well. Although sometimes there was a delay in the sounding of the image, which, of course, was not many. During the game, there is also a monotony of background music that I did not bother with during the game. The entire sound and music section is one of the key points that helped shape the atmosphere of the game.
    In general, if you are looking for a shooter game, if you're looking for a scary game, the Prey game does not have anything for you, and it will, of course, be disappointing. But if you are looking for a science fiction game that is important for your story and details, Prey can totally satisfy you.

    +The design of the atmosphere and the atmosphere formed in it are considered to be a positive aspect of the game.
    +Typhons are different aliens designed to combine darkness and horror.
    +The fighting system is the weakest part of the Prey game, and there's no sense in Ganpolish.
    +The game sound is a good point of the game, which has helped make the atmosphere more attractive.


    Rate this article About Prey

    (4.5/5) 4 ratings


    Prey is a very complicated game to understand and that's why a lot of people didn't play it.

    6 june 2019 19:23