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    Chebo, 13 february 2018 20:22

    Minecraft Mod: Glacidus

    This is a detailed review about a new, work in progress mod for Minecraft, made by three people within seven days. You can download it here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/glacidus

    I actually made way too much research than I had to. I thought this article was gonna be too short. I even took notes of which pickaxes can break which stones/ores with the drop.

    Basic Information
    Developers - 115kino (Owner)
                       - Kingboo177 (Author)
                       - Lachney (Artist)

    Minecraft version - 1.12.2
    First release - 31st of January, 2018
    Recommended/Required mods - Connected Textures Mod (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ctm)


    This mod adds an entire new dimension called Glacidus, it is actually a planet. It currently adds new music,  3 (only 2 functional) new mobs, 4 new tool sets, 20 usable blocks, and 10 items. The concept of the dimension is an planet that is very cold on the outside. But as you go deeper, it gets warmer. It has 3 layers, of which the middle one is suitable for living. The deepest one is rather... hot. There is no fall damage in any layer. You can exit the dimension by finding a booster, it launches you in the air, and if there is no obstacle to stop you, you will be transported back to the overworld. 


    Grapes - They can be harvested using shears from a type of vine in the middle layer, Lumicia Grape Vines. Grapes regrow. Restores 2 food points.

    Grape Juice - It's a sort of mixture potion, it is currently uncraftable, but it gives 15 seconds of Speed II and 60 seconds of Night Vision

    Raisins - Can be obtained by putting Grapes into a furnace, currently no use (I'm assuming it's for the Juice).

    Raw Porcali Meat - A drop from a new, pig-like mob called Porcali. It restores 3 points. The grilled variant restores 6.

    Eukeite - An ore located in the middle layer, it doesn't have to be put in a furnace.

    Crysium - A drop from a Crysium block. It can currently not be used in crafting, but the block works like Glowstone.

    Glacidite - The only ore located on the top layer of the planet. It is the strongest one of its dimension, located next to or inside Glacium, a lava-like liquid.

    Black Saddle - This saddle is currently unobtainable outside creative mode, but it can be used to ride the two functional mobs of Glacidus. They can jump and sprint, although horses are faster and jump higher.


    Flowers - Crysial, Pulphorus and Solegia. They don't have any special features, but they look nice.

    Lumicia Double Grass - Although it is only one block tall, that is its name. The normal grass growing in the middle.

    Dead Lumicia Stalk - It's similar to the dead bush in the overworld. Grows in the bottom and at the top layer.

    Lumicia Grass Block - Dirt blocks with slightly blue grass on top, growing in the middle layer.

    Lumicia Dirt - Unlike normal dirt, it currently doesn't appear after removing a block from a grass block. It only appears in walls of the middle layer.

    Frozen Antinatric Stone - The most common block on the top layer, it can be put in a furnace, making it a Thwarted Antinatric Stone. Can be used to craft stairs and slabs.

    Thawed Antinatric Stone - Can be obtained by warming a Frozen one, or by accessing the bottom layer. Can also be used for stairs and slabs.

    Underground Wood - The basic wood log of the dimension, currently the only tree, and it spawns in the middle layer. You can use it to craft the basic building blocks, and even bookshelves. But no special fences. Yet.

    Lumicia Grape Vine - Grapes can be harvested from it with shears. While they are growing and not intact, it will remain a normal Lumicia Vine.

    Glacidite and Eukite Ore - The current only ores in the world. Glacidite being located at the top layer near or inside Glacius, and Eukite near and inside the middle layer.

    Crysium Ore - Glows like glowstone, but the ore has no features yet.

    Glacius - A blue lava-like liquid. Deals 7 Damage (3.5 hearts) and knocks you into the air high unless you hold the jump button. It turns into packed ice if you spill water on it, but its flow phyics are strange at the moment.

    Tools Sets

    Underground - Made from Underground planks.

    Antinatric - Made from Frozen Antinatric Stone.

    Eukanite - Made from Eukanite.

    Glacidite - Made from Glacidite Fragments.


    Porcali - A pig-like mob that can be ridden with a Black Saddle. It has 20 HP (10 hearts) and if you hit it, it will attack and deal 1 Damage (half a heart)
    Its drop is Raw Porcali Meat.

    Meriacles - A moose-like creature. 15 HP, doesn't fight back. Drops Beef and Leather.

    Drop Spider - This is a creepy looking Spider, but it can currently not be found anywhere. You can spawn it with an egg. Currently very glitchy, has 20 HP, but no movement or attacks. If you spawn it using the /summon command, it will get knocked back and react to some things such as burning and Glacius differently. There are many other complex details, but it's only glitches. Just give it some time, the mod was created in a week.

    Glitches and Facts

    -The lava in the bottom layer can be turned into obsidian, water CAN be used there in the current version, unlike the Nether.
    -Underground trees drop oak saplings, so you can't replant them.
    -The grass in the underground can't be used for growing other trees either.
    -Breaking an Underground Door will turn it into an Oak Door.


    Currently 4 tracks, they are a mix between ambient and chill. You can check them out here: https://lachney.bandcamp.com/album/glacidus

    Rate this article Minecraft Mod: Glacidus

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    Sick. I like mods such as this.

    27 may 2019 17:53

    Wow this game is cool but it costs money

    13 march 2019 09:02

    Cool **** mod

    20 february 2019 19:28

    Never knew this game had mods... Even then the game itself is pretty costly right?

    18 february 2018 16:49

    Is a...a...a amazing

    22 april 2020 15:42

    OK, whatever. Yeah, sure.

    15 february 2018 21:59

    New mod? never heard of that type of mod

    7 march 2020 02:09

    Minecraft is really good game and the article is very interesting

    7 march 2020 23:59

    I’ll install this right now

    1 march 2020 13:06

    Best modes of micecraft a weapon

    23 march 2019 08:22