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    Rate this article "A Zombie shooter game with a story - Splatter [Steam]"

    (4.2/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 14 march 2018 15:51

    A Zombie shooter game with a story - Splatter [Steam]

    This is a indie game that takes place in an apocalyptic situation where the main goal is survival and you have to follow the story based campaign mode in this game. There is an interesting campaign mode where you'll be guided through the whole catastrophic atmosphere of the game step by step. The game is a top-down shooter game, which is typically a 2 Dimensional game instead of being a full fledged game but lets find out if this game has anything more to offer...

    Splatter - Zombie Apocalypse:
    This game is pretty much straight forward in terms of being narrative and being self explanative, thumbs up for that. The game is a decent indie game where you'll find out some interesting and mind boggling incidents that might feel scary but now-a-days, even kids aren't scared of zombies, right. Even then, there is some sort of anticipation that leads to some scary stuff in this game when you play the game actually. There are typically two modes in this game, one where you'll be thriving to survive and the second where you'll go with the flow in the story based campaign mode which is quite nice to play for couple of times until you get bored of the story.

    That's how the game actually looks like if you're wondering. The game is almost playable on almost all machines that are moderately new, not to mention the prices of the GPUs these days, the dream of building a PC might be a dream forever for people like me who once though building a PC if fun and better :(

    Keeping that PC matter aside, lets move on to some steam information about this game:

    • Single Player mode with campaign involving a story
    • A survival mode where you can try hard
    • Shared/split screen support to enjoy with your better half [I'm kidding, I know that]
    • Very positive reviews
    • Release date: 5th June, 2014
    • Developer: Dreamworlds
    • Publisher: Dreamworlds
    • Based on a film noir, in case that rings any bells for you guys
    • Has Steam achievements [total of 36 achievements]
    • Has Steam trading cards [dops 4 out of 7 trading cards where you grab the rest either from steam market or trade something else for such things which ultimately result in increasing your steam level to showoff...]
    • Has full controller support, and you can always try gaming with a gamepad where you'll have to configure the gamepad to work with xbox controls which then will be pretty much helpful for such games
    • Has steam cloud saves for hassle free saves and user profiles
    • Has steam leaderboards for that survival mode where you'll notice that the actial game is pretty much easier than this mode
    • Nominated for the best action game award in 2014, actually the indie game award

    So, will you be able to run this game, pretty much all indie games are playable on moderate to low end gaming machines, lets find that out now,
    > Dual Core processor [I'm stating the minimum, bare minimum]
    > 2GB ram for the game
    > 1GB graphics memory, more likely the intel HD graphics might suffer but dedicated GPUs do it without breaking a sweat
    > The game is a 500 MB game

    Like I said, the game is some what a story driven game, you'll notice such things, the interface language can be interchanged but the audio that is only available in English, but you can enjoy the subtitles in your language but not the voices. The cheesy and cheeky dialouges and story is actually kind of neat and clean. This game is not that type of game where you play for showing off you skills and stuff, but this game is a game where you'll find amuzement and fantastic story line.

    The game is pretty cheeky with fun and chronic dialouges at a stage of apocalyptic interval, its quite a action packed top down shooter game where you'll find such kinds of stuff amusing for quite a while as you progress in the game. Overall a good arcade indie game for zombie shooting and survival mode...

    Thanks ;)

    Rate this article A Zombie shooter game with a story - Splatter [Steam]

    (4.2/5) 5 rates


    I like it

    17 march 2018 09:52

    good game

    17 march 2018 07:51

    I really like the look of the game copied :D

    24 march 2018 07:25

    I really like the look of the game

    24 march 2018 05:27