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    Rate this article "A Counter Strike game in 2D (top view type) - CS2D [Steam]"

    (5/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 14 march 2018 15:02

    A Counter Strike game in 2D (top view type) - CS2D [Steam]

    This is the counter strike game that's free to play on steam, actually this game is not made by valve instead this is developed by Unreal Software and hence the game is free to play. It resembles the essence of the classic Counter Strike game from the old 90s but only has 2D mode for viewing, which is qutie unique and fun, while you imagine this game as an indie action multiplayer game....

    Lets find out more about the game CS2D...

    This game probably means Counter Strike 2 Dimension, well but you get the idea. This is a free to play game on steam market, available for all, I mean windows, Linux, and MAC OS. The game is pretty decent without any micro transactions or cases that involve real money, this is pretty neat and clean game as we talk, but talking about the gameplay, it narrows down to personal preference. If you're a fan of Counter Strike games and want to try out the game's action in 2D then you might want to check this game for sure. 

    This game features the same classic design of the good old counter strike 1.6 where you'll get into the nostalgia and those feels... This game is multi player game here, there's more enjoyment to it rather than just being an 2D platformer CS1.6 game, so buckle up and join a server to have fun. You might notice the shooting mechanics are quite different from the old Counter Strike but you'll get used to this game once you start playing this and get a hang of it. You can get a nice satisfaction once you start fragging and get those shots right.

    So, lets go through some information about this game from the steam store page:

    • Single Player mode with bots
    • Multi player mode which includes cross platform multi player mode online
    • Has steam achievements [has a total of 66 steam achievements]
    • This game has a level editor where you can show off your architect skills over building a map that's quite challenging for both the teams
    • Release date: 24th December, 2004 [initial release of the main game] but on steam its released on 16th November, 2017 [final version]
    • Very positive reviews on steam
    • Developer: Unreal Software
    • Publisher: Unreal Software
    • The game is free to play on steam across different platforms
    • The bot AI for offline mode acts quite interestingly, rather than those bots from the Global Offensive where you'll just watch the bots do literally nothing except aiming in the air and firing
    • This game has some additional things that CS doesn't have, medikits and health recovery options that make this game a little bit more appealing
    • And yeah, there is no competitive mode or ranking system, don't expect very much instead just have some fun with this game for quite sometime as this is a free to play game

    When you hit the 'Tab' key on the keyboard you'll be greeted with a leaderboard of that on going match and your standing can be interpreted from that. Well it also shows the same things that a typical Counter Strike 1.6 would show, and I have to say that this game requires not very huge bandwidth for playing online unlike the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds PUBG, where the tick rate is quite high that you'll need a good consistent internet connection.

    So this is a counter strike 2D game which resembles the main counter strike game version 1.6 where you'll find everything under 2D. The best part is that this game is actually for free instead of being a paid game, this game has zero micro transactions and zero cosmetic stuff like skins and kinves, a pretty decent and fun game to try out while bored.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Counter Strike game in 2D (top view type) - CS2D [Steam]

    (5/5) 5 rates


    when you knock off a big game and make it mobile compatible top-down game

    15 may 2020 11:15

    it dont look good

    9 february 2020 13:10

    i think it is a crappy game cuz i life fps but this is tps

    17 april 2020 17:55

    very soon to game

    10 december 2019 12:45

    Sounds of this game is from 1,6

    7 july 2020 02:40

    cs 2d is funny but good thing its multiplayer too like ca go

    7 july 2020 02:39

    I had to laugh when having a look at the pictures. I am wondering that the real CSGO is fine with the name "CS2D", it is like stealing happy little fame. :-D

    4 december 2019 21:37