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    (3.33/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 30 march 2018 22:13

    A Turn based RPG - Mordheim: City of Damned [Steam]

    Yet another RPG, role playing game which is basically a turn based game and the thing that makes this game particular is the map that's in the game. The atmosphere and the surrounding are from the Warhammer World, well that might not be a renowned place for many but that's quite fun to play....

    Lets find out more about this game.....

    Mordheim: City of the Damned:
    This game is a turn based strategy type of game where you will have to lead some troops and soldiers to war. This game also has some story mode for different characters which can be interchanged and can be performed differently which is quite interesting if you're into such type of games or you'll be far away from such type of games, thus narrowing it down to personal preference. So the game does has the map and surroundings from the Warhammer World's city which is called Empire City, and is quite good implementation so far. Lets check if this has lived up to its mark in the game.

    So, with many games releasing every day only some games make their way to either hyped like the renowned series of games including Far Cry or Grand Theft Auto series which don't need any particular hype as they are already hyped up pretty much. Talking about games like this, Mordheim: City of the Damned, these games require some attention only if they have something different to offer or something out out-of-the-box which is quite playable else all these games no matter what they are capable of will go straight to ignore list to many gamers. So, what type of game is this, well this game is just a revamped type of the turn based strategy game where we have to control the troops and soldiers, which requires some thinking and almost similar to The Lords, or point and click games on mobiles, but these games have their special perks unlike mobile games.

    Lets go through some information from the steam page of this game which is quite interesting considering the reviews on their page are quite unexpected...

    • Single Player Story mode available for characters in the game
    • Multi Player game
    • Has Steam achievements [A total of 109 achievements are available]
    • Recently has mixed reviews but are mostly positive
    • Release Date: 19th November, 2015
    • Developer: Rouge Factor
    • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
    • Has Steam Trading Cards [I was amazed by the number of steam trading cards this game actually has, this game has a whopping 15 Trading cards and of them you'll be getting some cards by playing and the rest are to be collected from the steam community market of by trading your other items, which will eventually result in your levelling up of your steam account
    • Has partial controller support, which is quite fortunate for a game like this
    • Has Steam cloud saves for hassle free user files and save files across many machines
    • This game has some awards too, some of them are Gamescom Awards for mmorpg game, and some other nominations too

    So, such type of game will most likely have decent graphics and will eventually run on decent machines with mediocre hardware but lets find that out in a while... All games that are mmorpg don't always have to be of low end graphics games as some of them even have super high end textures and look pretty fantastic, only some of them. Eitherway lets go through minimum system requirements for this game...
    > Requires a Dual Core processor
    > 4Gigs of RAM is more than enough for the game
    > A dedicated graphics is not that mandatory but is quite helpful for this game for sure, if you don't have one, then you can alway try out with the inbuilt Intel HD cutting on graphics and resolution...
    > The game occupies around 9Gigs of storage on hard drive

    This game was released in Early Access too, when many people bought this game while it was still in Early Development stages, the game seemed promising and decent considering the category of genre this game falls in, but else the game is not for everyone who plays fast paced games which require no strategy at all. Yes, this game requires some strategy to control your troops and your warband soldiers... Moreover a decent RPG to play while you're on your thinking cap...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Turn based RPG - Mordheim: City of Damned [Steam]

    (3.33/5) 3 ratings



    21 april 2020 16:19