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    (3.83/5) 6 rates
    noobda, 31 march 2018 20:44

    A Simulator for Building PCs - PC Building Simulator [Steam]

    So, many people think of building a gaming PC with all the required parts and want to experiment with various parts from PC part picked sites, just to satisfy ourselves while keeping in mind that it costs real money if we want to try those configurations on our own. Unlike the tech youtube channels who try out expensive hardware to review purposes and to know the bounds of that hardware.

    So, this is a game that has pretty much the same thing to offer... Lets find out more

    PC Building Simulator:
    This game as the name itself says it all, well is a simulation game where you'll be building computers of various configurations, fix those computers accordingly and modify the real world parts that are featured in this game. The parts and pricing in this game are quite similar to some extent but there is no chance that you might find the same price in real world though... And to mention, this game is not a free to play game, this is a paid game and is in Early Access as of now as it made its debut yesterday on steam.

    Ever thought of building a gaming PC that costs a fortune to build, well here in this game we can build that exact dream PC with exact configuration, and by doing that we can get a personal satisfaction of achieving something, while we are still broke to build that in our real life. Well, in the game you can build the almost similar looking real world parts and can build accurately accordingly. Lets go through some information from the steam page of this game:

    • Single Player Game [obviously, you thought of building a PC with your friends online or what]
    • There is a career mode for you which is quite interesting so far
    • Release Date: 27th March, 2018 [Early Access, yesterday]
    • Developer: Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation
    • Publisher: The Irregular Corporation
    • Has Steam Could saves as of now
    • The game is only available for windows as of now in Early Access
    • Has no trading cards, and those might be or might not be added in the game in the near future, depends on the developer
    • No achievements, there might be a chance to get some achievements in this game for sure
    • This was previously an Itchi.io game where there were many gamers who used to play this game while it was in Alpha, and now they released the game on Steam while in Early Access
    • There are a lot of real life computer parts with air/water cooling mechanisms just as in real life, and many more real life PC parts even have the exact same shape and texture
    • Has official partnership with many PC hardware manufacturers like cooler master, AMD, Intel, Corsair, msi, Gigabyte, NZXT, and many more real life companies that make custom PC builds

    The above image shows a custom built computer in the game, while keeping the parts as original as possible and the price of the build can be seen too. Custom loops for water cooling, and All-in-One coolers (AIO) can be adjusted and modified depending on your choice and taste. All these builds are up to you and you can bulid your dream gaming PC in the game with as many modifications and as much skyhigh power required.

    Above is another build from the game. Well, so building a PC in a game, sounds interesting but will this game run on our machines? Well, lets check that out now.... As the game is still in Early Access, we might see some bugs here and there which comprise of graphical glitches and frame drops, so to put this clear, this game requires some decent hardware to be able run smoothly...

    > Requires an Intel i5 or AMD equivalent processor
    > 4Gigs of RAM is more than enough to be on the safe side
    > A decent dedicated graphics card with virtual memory of 2Gigs, like the Nvidia GTX or AMD Radeon, but not the integrated graphics like Intel HD graphics and AMD's onboard GPUs
    > The game as of now in Early Access occupies around 4-5Gigs of storage, and this might increase as the game develops and as you start getting updates for this game

    This game just released on Steam while still in Early Access, they claim that they'll be leaving Early Access in about 3 to 4 months from the release date, so we can hope to see a full released game in about 4 months from now. Pretty decent simulator game which has a pretty good idea for gamers in mind, every gamer at some point of their life thinks of building a Gaming PC or something similar, well, here is that simulator which does the same but stays as a game. So far so good when considered the career mode in the game, lets hope the game gets smooth and gets a decent pricing after its full release...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Simulator for Building PCs - PC Building Simulator [Steam]

    (3.83/5) 6 rates



    15 june 2018 16:08

    A game you can paly game in a game

    6 may 2018 15:05

    dolar pahalandı pc toplanmaz gardas

    17 june 2018 11:50

    looks cool!

    28 january 2019 23:56