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    (4.8/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 1 april 2018 08:08

    A 2D Platform Shooting Game - Bloody Walls [Steam]

    A free to play indie game which has shooting pace and has pixel graphics, Bloody Walls. As the name suggests, the game is not for all audience as this game has blood and gore in it. The base game and one of the DLC for this game is free to play and the rest of the DLCs are paid DLCs, either way disregard of the Downloadable Content for this game, the base game itself is quite fun to play, and those pixel graphics allow us to play even on potato computers...

    Lets know more about this free to play game....

    Bloody Walls:
    This is a free to play game on Steam store, and has some paid DLCs. The main story of the game is that something wrong happens at a bio-weapon facility and due to an accident the whole world becomes infected including the people, to find an antidote to prevent the spread of this infection, our hero has to try hard in aquiring that antidote. So, this game features some weapons which are quite nice to use and the reload times are quite interesting as it shows it on top of the perspective which in animated in a pretty decent way. If you remember the graphics from the old school GameBoy, then this game will make you feel the exact same way as the colour pattern if this game is actually the same 4-bit graphics.

    Incase you're wondering, the above is the image of the gameplay, the screen is in such a way by itself and can't be changed to achieve 100% full screen. The animations of the blood on the walls is pretty dope and crazy as you tend to shoot people, in the game obviously. There are a wide range of weapons in this game which have their unique spread pattern of bullets and the spread pattern of the gore and paint on the wall. Now, lets go through some steam information from the Store page of this game, Bloody Walls:

    • Single Player
    • Very positive reviews on steam
    • Developer: L. Stotch
    • Release Date: 29th September, 2016
    • Publisher: L.Stotch
    • Action Indie game with Game Boy's 4-bit colour graphics
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 9 steam achievements available]
    • Has Steam trading cards [Has a total of 5 trading cards which won't be dropped unless you buy any DLC for this game which is atleast 9USD then you'll be eligible to receive card drops, i.e, you'll be dropped 3 out of 5 cards once you purchase something from the game.... Or apart from all this you can buy all the 5 trading cards from the steam market regardless of all the fuzz]
    • Has Steam cloud saves

    Lets find out the minimum system requirements for this game to be able to run smoothly... Even though the game features some pixel graphics, it does run on pretty low end computers for sure...
    > Requires a 800 MHz processor or higher
    > 512MB RAM is enough for the game
    > The graphics that are more than sufficient for this game are OpenGL 2.1 which somehow translates to a 256MB graphics which is either via the integrated onboard graphics or dedicated ones, it doesn't matter
    > The game occupies around 150MB of hard disk storage

    I forgot to mention the game is not that much big to play continuously but in case you die in the game at some point then there is no option to continue the game from there, you have to start the game all over again from the begining, well that won't be a problem as you'll be quite into the game already by the time you'll face some harder opponents.

    The game is pretty basic 2D shooter action Indie game which has the graphics from the old school Game Boy colour pallet, which brings nostalgia for most of the people. The game is pretty  much amazing for a 150MB game which is free to play for most part of it. Well, a pretty decent game with cool physics and picture graphics... Worth a try if you're having free time.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A 2D Platform Shooting Game - Bloody Walls [Steam]

    (4.8/5) 5 rates


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