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    Rate this article "A steam game for over 4800 achievements - HUBE [Steam]"

    (4.28/5) 43 rates
    noobda, 4 june 2018 23:21

    A steam game for over 4800 achievements - HUBE [Steam]

    Lets go through a game whose name itself clearly depicts the whole story beind the game, well its name describes what you're going to get if you're out to buy this game on Steam... This game has the achievements which are cool to showcase on your steam profile if its above the level 10... either way the achievements of this game are alphabets and numericals of different colours and fonts, you'll find more about below, so check it out....

    HUBE: Seeker of Achievements
    This game and such type of games are all you need if you're only after completing simple achievements in steam as long as they are quite easy to complete... Well, you'll see such games have way too many achievements that every moment you're in-game you're unlocking an achievement which feels great to some extent. Ok so, what does this game offer apart from 5k Achievements you may ask, well, I'll let you know that piece of information right away here...

    The game apart from the achievements is not that bad, as this game has pretty simple gameplay where you're a BLOCK with some pretty good mechanics in every level, all you need to do is make your way towards the Green Block... which is the tricky part to some extent but you'll easily figure it out in a few seconds into the game. There are many games on steam which have nothing except having Steam Achievements which are like 6k or even more... And there are some games which have nothing to play or offer, you get achievements just by having those games running, they'll be like 'Play for 1 second' and other achievement will be like 'Play for another second'... and so on...
    So this game has both achievements and some pretty good gameplay alongside... I'm good as long as this game also offers some excellent puzzled levels, well, lets find out about those...

    For those who're interested in what achievements this game has to offer, well the above image gives you a sneak peak about that information...
    And below are the details of the game's achievements being Alphabets as well, there are even special character achievements but its quite lengthy to include all screenshots of those here... so, a small snippet of that...

    Lets find out more about this game from the steam store page itself:

    • Single Player Game
    • Released on May 10th, 2018
    • Developer: AFBIK Studio
    • Publisher: AFBIK Studio
    • Reviews are straight forward as the name of the game itself speaks for itself... achievements in a couple of minutes
    • Has no steam trading cards as of now, and might be included if the developers are over it
    • Is not a free to play game, its a paid game which is a 2D platformer game with some good mechanics
    • Has Steam Achievements [a whopping 5000 achievements are included with this game]
    • Apart from the number of achievements this game has some pretty decent levels with quite basic difficulty in solving
    • Did I mention about the soundtrack this game has, its quite plesant to some extent as well

    The above image is a snapshot of the in-game footage of a level in the game... To get an idea of how the gameplay looks and feels like. In case you're wondering the controls about this game, they are pretty straight forward here, just the arrow keys do everything in this game... If you're guessing if this game will work on your machine, then by now you might already have an idea and answer for that doubt if you look at the screenshots clearly... Lets check that out now....

    > This game runs on almost all Windows Operating Systems, XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10
    > 2.0 GHz clocking CPU is almost suitable for you, well to be honest almost all CPUs are good to go as long as you're having 64-bit OS and CPU
    > 1GB of RAM is almost enough but you'll need like 2Gigs to be smooth on the non-gaming side along with steam and chrome open at the same time, just in case
    > The game occupies around 100MB of storage space
    > The game works pretty well with Intel HD graphics as well as your dedicated GPUs if you're having any, such graphics are even rendered smoothly by the integrated graphics chips
    > Make sure you have Directx v9.0 to play this game, Steam does install this if you're installing this game, and its done at the very first launch of the game

    This game is absolutely nice along with a bunch of achievable achievements, quite frankly, all the achievements are achievable in this game. All you have to do is play the game disregard of the achievements and at some part you'll notice like a thousand achievements have passed along while you're playing the game's levels. Coming to the gameplay of HUBE: Seeker of Achievements, its not that bad, its actually quite smooth and playable for sure, all you have to do is find your way towards the green block, and yes you play as a BLOCK in this game... Totally worth it if you're after a bunch of steam ACHIEVEMENTS....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A steam game for over 4800 achievements - HUBE [Steam]

    (4.28/5) 43 rates


    x_x not good i know one 5000 achven

    1 july 2018 12:17

    Not good

    11 june 2018 05:07

    Rated BAD This for achievements -_-

    13 june 2018 12:30

    But why he liked

    28 june 2018 15:09

    Nice hak jga hs su. Hsnhhs hsbhs uafakb shvdh shoag hskkva ogegb skdkbsjla hapbd hz djdks hakaha bdj ab dhnab djkahd kHdkba hdlsh djalhdkga dbkhaks hskdh

    28 june 2018 15:02

    I can't believe it, it has 100MB and over 4800 badges. I never heard that a Steam game can have so many badges..

    16 july 2018 10:24

    29 june 2018 19:46

    Realy good stuff my man :)

    20 june 2018 14:02

    Nothing so good

    9 june 2018 20:04

    i like that game

    12 june 2018 10:37