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    Rate this article "A Juggling fast paced Indie Puzzle Game - HackyZack [Steam]"

    (5/5) 13 rates
    noobda, 27 march 2018 13:09

    A Juggling fast paced Indie Puzzle Game - HackyZack [Steam]

    The game HackyZack as the name itself suggests has a main protagonist named Zack for sure, and all he does is juggling and climb along side the walls, if you percieve information from the gameplay, you might stop here... but in case you play the game actually then you might know that there is more to it rather than just jumping around with the ball juggling here and there. So, this game is not a free to play game and is a paid game on steam and is totally fun to play... 

    Lets find out more about this game in detail...

    This game is probably the fast paced indie game which features some certain kind of puzzles which have quick solutions if you get around the learning curve of the game and start thinking the way game wants you to think. Well, apart from the smoothest gameplay, the idea of the gameplay is quite soothing and fun to experience. Well to keep it very simple you play with a kid named Zack in the game HackyZack and the goal of each level is that you let him find his treasure book and then it turns more interesting when you find certain secret optional challenging levels in the game. Actually a game that I play casually rather than just brag about it, its fun to play as long as you are having fun with it and its gameplay.

    Lets go through some information provided from the steam page of this game HackyZack:

    • Single Player Game
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 27 achievements available]
    • Release Date: 28th March, 2017
    • Positive reviews on steam and overall
    • Developer: Spaceboy Games
    • Publisher: Humble Bundle [known for its awesome bundles and amazing game offers including some free games now and then]
    • Has no DLCs to actually play but you'll find the sound track of the game as a DLC in case you are wondering
    • Has Full Controller Support
    • Has Steam Trading Cards [A total of 7 Trading cards are available for this game]
    • Has Steam stats to ensure your statistics are recorded now and then
    • Some how the game is locked at 30fps only but you'll notice that its quite smooth even at 30fps [its not about the hardware here, its locked by default though]

    So, now lets go through the gameplay performance and about the actual system requirements that are required to play this game smoothly. Even after the game locking its frames per second at 30, the game actually doesn't require any extraordinary amount of graphics or memory to be smooth. Either way here are the minimum system requirements for the game to be able to run at a maximum of 30fps only though:

    > A 2GHz or higher processor is required for a smoother experience
    > 2Gigs of RAM for the game
    > 1Gig of graphics memory, or actually an integrated graphics card like intel HD graphics card works absolutely fine but must not be from the older generations
    > The game is a mere 50MB game, well, yes this game occupies a 50MB storage on your hard drive

    Anyway the game isn't quite that big to download and play but as the game is locked at 30fps only, you'll be able to play the game even with your potato machines absolutely fine. I mean even the basic laptops can run this game smoothly, now coming to the matter of the gameplay, the gameplay feels fludic and fun as long as you are aware of the jumps and juggles you perform while jumping or you might throw the ball somewhere where the wall is not available leading to waste of time, but that too is fun actually...

    The game is actually a fun game and the main aim is to find the book for Zack, well the graphics of this indie game look absolutely cool and nice. The game is fast paced which means you can play the game at whatever the speed you want, I mean all the things that you do in the game are at a faster pace than usual games which offer a fixed rate of gameplay, I guess this explains the lock of framerate on this game at 30fps.

    Well, this game is not for those people who only game at 60fps or above, as this is somehow locked at 30fps for some reasons. If you like the startegy of this game of solving the puzzles and the fun its offering then you'll absolutely play this game for sure. This is that type of game which has multiple options of ending where you can do many things to actually complete the level instead of doing the same old routine. Complete fun game to play and solving puzzles is super cool in this game....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Juggling fast paced Indie Puzzle Game - HackyZack [Steam]

    (5/5) 13 rates


    Wow, I Like This Game So Much Not Bad :)

    12 march 2019 18:56

    Nice game have a Fun

    7 december 2019 05:42

    Also whos here for expPPPPPPPPPP?

    27 may 2020 19:07

    The graphics look rlly goodddddddd

    27 may 2020 19:06

    the puzzle is very hard but ?
    so cool game

    9 december 2019 05:10

    hala böyle oyunlar oynayan vR MI LA

    17 june 2018 11:51

    who's here for exp

    18 april 2020 05:52

    nice gameeeeee

    18 april 2020 05:51