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    Rate this article "5 Reasons It Might Make ML More Popular From DOTA 2"

    (2.06/5) 16 rates
    FarrelwiZ, 27 march 2018 13:35

    5 Reasons It Might Make ML More Popular From DOTA 2

    You lovers DOTA 2 would be very upset to read that title. But before you argue and provide much of a defense, you should first read until finished articles ML More Popular From DOTA 2's. Why Mobile Legend, a game that some say "mimic" DOTA 2 is more popular?

    In fact, according to an article coil, it is mentioned that in the first day there were 8 million people who play the ML at the end of 2017! And you know how many players who play DOTA 2 in one day? Only until the 500.000an figure that does not even touch 10% of the total number of players ML within one day. You can check on the website steamchart.com.

    Then the question is why? This is approximately 5 reasons why ML More Popular From DOTA 2.

    1. Play Anywhere!

    This is the most logical reason why ML is more popular than DOTA 2. HP Mobile Legend is a game you can play anywhere and anytime long as there is an internet connection. While DOTA 2 is not the case. You must have a PC with a particular specification. Not only that, if your laptop is a laptop PC or potatoes, then get ready bluescreen fit again to play DOTA 2.

    2. All can be Main Mobile Legend.

    So true! Of which have a low economic capacity, to the most affluent can play the game on this one. Only with HP RAM 1 GB you've been able to smoothly play this game. This game also has a small size, even compared to other games on the mobile platform. Only 100 MB only, and you can play this game as much. So no wonder if the achievements of players in one day can reach 8 million people! While DOTA 2, at least because you need a PC that is not the potatoes really to play this game, you are at least in the middle to upper economic classes. Do DOTA 2 to exclusive games that can only be played by persons located? Certainly not! You can play in the cafe too! But ... can play where instead?

    3. Mobile Legend More Simple.

    Legend Mobile game is the "shape" it follows DOTA 2 according to some people. But Try to feel and compare when you play the second game. Trust that controls the characters and play Mobile Legend easier than playing DOTA 2. Why? You only need two fingers to play ML, while DOTA 2? At least you need seven fingers, five on the left, two on the right.

    4. Same features as DOTA 2.

    It is one of the main weapons why Mobile Legend wins hands down in terms of the number of players in one day. Perhaps even more than 50% Legend Mobile Player is a player DOTA 2 "treason". ML has features that are almost similar to DOTA 2. Starting from hero, to chat and play mode. ML becomes like DOTA 2 wanna be populist, friendly, simple, and has the same level of excitement with DOTA 2.

    5. DOTA 2 still survive in the PC platform.

    Credits: Youtube

    Unlike other PC games are now exploring mobile platforms, such as Fortnite and even PUBG. DOTA 2 is still struggling in the PC and survive there. Lord knows how long Gaben would think to put this game on the mobile platform. This is what makes DOTA 2 never "friendly" at the top age children who may only get access to HP from parents and only get access to your PC or Laptop dipakek potatoes which can only write the same word play minesweeper.

    It is not fair to compare two different game platforms. In any case these two games have their own fans. Both also have their own advantages. But when compared in terms of popularity, it is with great regret, DOTA 2 defeated, TKO, with game-cabean chilli emerging yesterday afternoon, Mobile Legend.



    Rate this article 5 Reasons It Might Make ML More Popular From DOTA 2

    (2.06/5) 16 rates


    I think ML is great thought but, Dota Can't play on phone so I chose ML to be the popular Mobile game in histories

    23 may 2020 10:58

    the mobile legend is verry good game it so cool

    7 december 2019 05:42


    30 may 2019 16:37

    hahaha plagiat game

    7 june 2018 13:37