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    Rate this article "A Comedy Adventure game for a Cherry - CHUCHEL [Steam]"

    (4/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 12 march 2018 18:40

    A Comedy Adventure game for a Cherry - CHUCHEL [Steam]

    An indie game where you battle for a cherry, yep this is a comedy adventure game where you play as Chuchel whose rival for that cherry is Kekel.... You get the idea, right! 

    Lets find out more about this game called Chuchel, which made its release a few days ago...

    This is actually a eye candy graphics game and is pretty neat and decent according to the viewers perspective as you'll find it pretty interesting just by taking a look at the images of the characters especially Kekel. The number of puzzles the game has to offer is pretty nice and you'll have to solve them by using the on the spot decisions and by using some common sense. I'll be very clear, this game is pretty new and is not a free to play game, its a paid game on steam available for Windows and MAC only. The music and sound track in this game is pretty nice and interesting as it changes as you carry on your quest to get that cherry at the end which is quite hard but possible after solving many puzzles and tasks which are absolutely fun to do. I'd do them over and over again....

    So, what is so amusing about the game you might ask, the animations and eye candy translations towards the pretty characters is quite unique. The game Chuchel is full of fun and quite some achievements which are argueably pretty much 'figure it out yourself' and self explainatory type, but you'll know them once you start playing the game. Once you start achieving those achievements it'll start to become a bit more interesting than usual due to that feeling of achieving something, you get the point...

    Lets go through some information about this game CHUCHEL from the steam page:

    • Single Player game
    • Very positive reviews
    • Release Date: 7th March, 2018
    • Developer: Amanita Design
    • Publisher: Amanita Design
    • Has steam cloud saves
    • Has steam achievements [a total of 7 achievements as of now, and might be added at a later stage depending on the player base for sure]
    • No steam trading cards as of now but that too might be added in the future but it depends on the developers of this game
    • This game was in the awards for the independent games festival but unfortunately didn't bag that but nominated for quite few
    • The sound track this game has is made by DVA, who are the award winning band at that time
    • For side note the game makes you laugh quite a bit by the tasks you'll be doing with Chuchel

    So, will I be able to run this game, well the answer is obvious, you can on almost all machines with some exceptions. Either way here are the minimum system requirements...
    > A 2.0 GHz processor or above is better
    > 2GB of RAM is better to have but the game will run on 1 Gig too
    > Intel HD graphics will shine here regardless of your shiny deidcated GPUs, well the game doesn't require any crunching graphical content to exhibit, it has all the shiny stuff and buttery smooth animations which are can be processed even by Intel HD graphics
    > The game occupies a mere 1GB of hard disk space depending on the updates which might increase the game size by a quite small amount
    > Well, as of now there isn't an official controller support but you can always try it, and it might be added eventually.... Playing with mouse is pretty much the way here for his game...

    This is a pretty decent game which makes you laugh and quite relieves you from the stress with its qutie actions which involve comedy and fun with a perfect mix of puzzles where you use chuchel to solve them accordingly. It all narrows down to the preference of indie games though, well its quite eye candy and its awesome animations make this game compelling overall... A pretty cool adventure game.

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Comedy Adventure game for a Cherry - CHUCHEL [Steam]

    (4/5) 4 ratings


    in my opinion.i would say this is a really fun game.

    15 july 2021 17:44

    good game with good sounds

    29 may 2018 21:38