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    Rate this article "A point and click adventure game about Laziness - Message Quest [Steam]"

    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 12 march 2018 19:13

    A point and click adventure game about Laziness - Message Quest [Steam]

    Ever thought of a game which focuses on laziness and stuff similar to that, well here is a game where you have to battle laziness and the outcomes of being lazy, yes the main protagonist wants to sleep just like us [well, most of us], but your aim is to make him go to work instead of sleeping and wasting time where he could work. He is lazy and you have to make him go to work and wake him up and avoid him from sleeping without going to work....

    Sounds interesting....? well lets find out more about that

    Message Quest:
    An adventure game where the ultimate enemy you have to battle is Laziness and its outcomes, yes, you'll have to make your character go to work and do proper things instead of sleeping all the day around. You'll have to make some decisions which ultimately must lead him to work instead of sleeping and being lazy. Sounds quite easy, if you play the game it'll seem a lot more easier. To be frank there isn't much to play though, its just point and click type of game.

    Ultimately the decisions you make in this game are the back bone for this game... Yep you'll go through some quite funny decision making situations and quite well defined animations which are quite fun to stare at for quite some time. You will like to experiment wth all the possibilities before you make the final decision but it all depends on your personal preference. You can always use your mind and do it accordingly as what you might do in such a situation or just play it like an RPG game... The game has some glass graphics which look kind of different yet amazing, well its an indie game to be precise...

    The decisions you have to choose and the text that appears to you is quite fun to experience for quite sometime as is never gets older, and you might even have experienced that in your daily life at certain point, well, most of us, or at least some of us might have who are quite lazy or who like to be lazy to be exact... So, lets go through some steam information about this game...

    • Single Player game
    • Has Steam achievements [a total of 18 achievements available]
    • Very positive reviews on steam
    • A paid game not a free to play game
    • Developer: Royal Troupe
    • Publisher: Royal Troupe
    • Release Date: 22nd October, 2015 which makes this an old game but the content this game has to offer never get old
    • Has Steam Trading cards
    • There are even some boss fights with bonuses and stuff like that but they all are JRPG type of fights

    Lets go through some minimum system requirements for this game if running via steam on windows:
    > A Dual core processor is enough which is 64 bit
    > 1GB of RAM is enough for the game
    > The game occupies 500MB of hard disk space approximately
    > No dedicated graphics cards are required as this game is capable of running with onboard graphics like the intel HD graphics
    > If you want to be specific then the graphics software must support shader model v2.0

    Message Quest is a fun game to combat laziness, well the in-game laziness for obvious reasons. This game has pretty decent glass finish graphics for the view models and the characters look pretty nice, you'll find this game to be quite resembling with daily life if you too are kind of lazy at times. Jokes aside, this game is just a point and click game with some JRPG style fight scenes but you can play this game for once only for the fun being, and don't expect some extreme stuff from this game to be frank...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A point and click adventure game about Laziness - Message Quest [Steam]

    (5/5) 3 ratings


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