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    (3.33/5) 3 ratings
    MrRiddick, 12 march 2018 16:39

    Review: The Collider 2

    The original The Collider was a typical game with the iPad - with a primitive visual style, unicellular, designed for constant repetition and "honing skill", although in fact, of course, the skill is very doubtful. From the user it was required to fly at high speed through holes in rotating mechanisms, playing the role of a particle in the Large Hadron Collider. 

    Subsequently, the game was released on all possible platforms, including Steam, where 90% of the reviews were left by users out of gratitude for expensive cards. But now a new era has come: The Collider2 suddenly found a normal graphical shell and as if starts to claim something even. And most importantly, in the list of games, it flaunts in the Steam VR section.

    The name of the game is obviously chosen to preserve a proud heredity, but no more: no collider is there anymore, a huge alien ship has come to replace it, which is bombing the Earth from orbit. And you, the proud pilot of a super-destroyer, must fly into his insides and do some very important things.

    The plot campaign offers six different zones with increasing complexity and the same number of ships that differ in their technical characteristics. First, we just fly through the holes (the shape of which has not even changed from the first part) in the tunnel, later there are rotating plates, some mechanisms, popping spears and so on. The speed in each chapter increases, and with it the number of your mistakes grows. "One-buttoned" gameplay (there is actually only one button responsible for the acceleration) is stored in its original form.

    However, not everything is so simple: now we are dealing not with the "time-killer" on the phone, but with a full-fledged game. Going to the next "story" zone requires you to have a certain number of gold medals. Ships, as well as bonuses coming across on the way, need to be improved, spending points earned in flights. Feel gradually becoming interesting? Here I am not.
    The game should be given credit for just one thing: the first ten minutes in the helmet of virtual reality, it should make an impression - but rather with unaccustomed. The edges of the tube are mobile and occupy space - the closer you are to them, the stronger the effective distortion. There is no model of the ship, and therefore the vestibular apparatus quickly goes crazy, as if in a centrifuge. 

    However, to this you quickly get used to, and the amazing volume of the new technology will start to climb in your eyes, and disgusting graphics straight from zero. Obviously, this is also done in order for the game to run in all potential buyers (VR is a demanding thing), but this is no excuse. Any weakness in technology can be brightened up with a design, but it seems that he came to The Collider 2 from the glorious Russian shooters of fifteen years ago.

    The game, completely focused on the flight through the pipe, can not make this pipe interesting - only a dozen obstacles and four possible travel goals: to keep within time, collect artifacts, destroy artifacts, kill the "boss". The fact that the last in the game six absolutely identical battles, even speak a little ashamed. 

    Bad here is everything - even such an elementary thing as the in-game currency. No mikrotrenzatsy, thank God, no, but during the flight through the pipe there is an opportunity to collect coins. A coin is one conditional loan, and for raising the level, for example, give two and a half thousand. Is there any logic in this? I doubt it. Especially such a proportion is striking in an infinite mode, where the meaninglessness of whole "coin" sections immediately strikes the eye.
    At all desire, I can not find any reason for the existence of The Collider 2 : it's bad almost everything. There are lots of other, more successful examples of such endless "flyers": take, for example, the recent Race The Sun , which at least looks stylish. 

    Here, obviously, the calculation goes on about the same thing that the "wonderful" horror Daylight pressured in its time - the first game on the Unreal Engine 4. To roll out under the noise proof of its own incompetence, earning a shameful penny. But only the notorious VR has not come to every house, and I want to believe that no helmet owner will even spend money on such an abomination as an experiment. 


    Rate this article Review: The Collider 2

    (3.33/5) 3 ratings


    wonderful horror Daylight pressured in its time - the first game on the Unreal Engine 4

    21 december 2020 20:03