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    Rate this article "7 TIPS FOR IMPROVING DOTA2 Game-play"

    (3.04/5) 25 rates
    yugesh111, 11 september 2018 05:58


    At very beginning, I want to confess all the reader that I'm not pro Dota player. I do a lot of minor mistakes and show my stupidity to others. I have been reported many times by my teammates because of my stupidity. But its been so long that I am playing this game and being addicted to this game, I got a quite much experiences about this game and found some important points to improve Dota career. I found that all most all new players do mistake at the same thing.  So hope that these tips will help you to improve your gaming experiences in Dota.

    1. Perfect last hits:

      This is one of the main things to be maintained throughout the game. Last hitting refers to kill creeps (ally/enemy) at the time when their hp is less than 10%. You can only gain gold by last hitting your enemy creeps and can farm well. You can also kill neutral creeps (found in the jungle) by this method. This helps you to maintain your net-worth, XPM & GPM. Successful last hit shows gold you get.

    2. Denying your own creeps:

      Denying your own creeps is the best way to dominate your opponent in your lane. S/He can't get gold or experience if you deny your own creeps. Interesting thing is that, you got XP from your own creeps if you successfully deny your own creep. So this technique is the best one to harass opponent. Successful deny shows "!" sign.

    3. Place the ward for team-fight  (Gank):

      Whether you play carry or support, warding is very necessary for successful team-fights. Its true that the warding is the job of support player but it is also true that support player also need to make items for ganking, pushing etc. So its not important that whether you play carry or support, if you got extra money invest in ward.

    4. Advantage of high-ground:

      High-ground is the lifted high place through which we cannot go straight ahead (but can go from the way), have more vision than that of the low-ground. You can see the strategy of the opponent and the next move he will gonna do from the high ground. Hence its very fruitful to the player.
    5. Carry TP (Town Portal Scroll) every time:

      TP is very necessary for teleportation from one lane to another lane and base also. Carrying TP is the strategy of escaping when you noticed that you're going gank or being chased by the opponent. But be aware that the TP takes 5 seconds for channeling time, if you are stunned in that duration your TP will be cancelled. And you have to wait until its cooldown 100 seconds.
    6. Use shrines,  Healing slave & clarity while jungling:

      It is obvious that your jungle is warded by the enemy. Hence, there is high chance that they attack you while you're jungling. So, using shrine is the best way to counter these techniques. Use clarity and healing slave during jungling because effect clarity & healing slave will cut off when you hit by enemy but not my non hero units. Hence using it for awesome mana regain and hp regain during jungling is the best way of farming in my view.

    7. Advantage of obstacle  and fog:

      Many new players think that fog in the jungle and enemy area is the disadvantage because we cant have vision in that region. But there is advantage hidden inside it also. Like we cant have vision in the obstruction, enemy also dont have which gives us more chance of survivability. We can use TP in these places. If we want vision here we need to place ward in these regions.

      Thanks for reading this article. Hope you guys like it. Rate fairly and comments are recommended. 

    Rate this article 7 TIPS FOR IMPROVING DOTA2 Game-play

    (3.04/5) 25 rates


    fun game!!
    good article

    15 may 2020 15:03

    i have been playing dota since the Warcraft 3 mod days till now and i have never been good at it, but i still play it. NICE ARTICLE!!

    24 september 2020 11:48

    thanks , it is really good

    7 june 2020 03:52

    good game 🙃🙃🙃

    22 march 2020 04:36

    these tips help me to improve gaming experiences in Dota.

    8 october 2019 04:38