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    (3.86/5) 21 rates
    Vaaren, 14 september 2018 09:07

    BattleRush 2: An Introduction and Review

    GAME: BattleRush 2
    GENRE: Multiplayer FPS, Battle Royale
    Dev:  Thunder Devs
    Steam Cards: No
    Steam Achievements: Yes

    BattleRush 2 is a battle royale game set in the World War 2 era. You fight as either a Soviet or German soldier to take over a small European area. Battlerush features nearly fully destructible environments, 15 drivable vehicles, and a crafting system to build defenses. Your army seeks to take the ground of the enemy army. Use any and all weapons at your disposal to drive the enemy from the battlefield.

    BattleRush 2:

          BattleRush 2 has no story, no campaign, and no single player mode. All Battlerush has is it's battle royale game mode.  As I was downloading the game I looked around on youtube for gameplay. The game's graphics exceeded my expectations and the shooting looked alright. After learning about the amount of vehicles and the crafting I was looking forward to trying out the game.
    I finished the download and started up the game. As I got to the page where I would join a lobby and start a game I noticed something about the game.

       What I noticed was that that the game has no one playing it. After 30 minutes of refreshing I could not find a game to join.  After days of logging on to test the game out I finally got a game. There was a whopping four players in the server. Right as I was about to uninstall the game I found the mysterious and strange server with players. Perhaps other time zones have an easier time finding players but in my timezone I found it impossible to even play the game. If I had paid money for this game I would feel ripped off.
      Once a multiplayer game is dead there really isn't a point in reviewing the other aspects of the game. There is no AI to play against and you are capturing cities with no one in it.  But who knows, the game might pick up in popularity so I might as well properly review it.

    Jumping In:
    You can jump into the arena as any of the seven starting classes. Classes are similar the only real difference is your gear. You can unlock better classes as you play more and you can purchase better guns and gear to make yourself more competitive. You are spawned into an allied fort and you must either defend your settlements or go out and capture the enemy fortifications.
    If you are defending you can use the crafting and building system to fortify your defenses and make it difficult for your enemies to gain control of you area. You can also gather tanks in the area to take out any attackers.
    If you're attacking make sure to grab a vehicle. The area you fight in is very large and going places on foot takes way too much time. Grab any of the 15 vehicles available to the player so you can out maneuver your enemies.

    With tanks trucks and jeeps there are many vehicle options. When you are on a battle field with only 2-3 players you need the vehicles to find any other human. It probably isn't even worth it to kill your enemies. You kill one person and you have to wait a good while to fight them again.

    My Thoughts:
    Usually when I review a game I try to look at a few positives. Some games are worth playing to many even if they aren't perfect. However BattleRush 2 is a dead game. There are no positives that matter. If you cannot play the game the game is worthless. Do not waste your money until there is a decent population of players. Until then save your money for something else. Even if I ignored the nearly nonexistent player population the guns feel off and the game does a poor job of distinguishing allies and enemies. I received this game for free to review it. When that happens I try to put even more of a positive spin on it. That is just simply not possible with this game.
      The game developer has a poor reputation because they abandoned their first game only months after launch. They released a sequel and hoped for more money. Don't bother giving them yours.

    Rate this article BattleRush 2: An Introduction and Review

    (3.86/5) 21 rates


    Well done as usual
    No hiccups no complaints about it
    Presentation organisation structure all there

    14 september 2018 12:07

    well done!
    good article

    15 may 2020 15:03