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    FarrelwiZ, 20 december 2018 20:58

    7 of the most iconic swords in video games!

    In the action video game that presents the battle, of course weapons become one of the elements that must exist, and among them all, of course, the sword becomes one of the weapons that we often encounter. Especially because the sword is a simple weapon that is also very often used in the real world, especially in the medieval era.

    Not only used as a weapon, only a row of swords that have their own characteristics like the owners. What makes these heirlooms feel familiar & difficult to forget, and here are 7 of the most iconic swords in the video game!

    7. Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII)

    The image for squall dissidia nt

    "Cool!" Maybe that's the first time that crossed our mind when we saw Squall's mainstay sword in Final Fantasy VII. The combination of a Revolver with the Long Sword succeeded in creating a weapon that was not only unique, but also efficient.

    Image for gunblade squall

    This sword also inspired a lot of other gunblade games, but of course, among them, Squall Leonhart's Gunblade was the most iconic. And hopefully Final Fantasy VIII will also be announced to get the Remake version, just like the prequel.

    6. Soul Edge (Soul Calibur Series)

    Related image

    The culprit of all the chaos that occurs in the Soul Calibur series is because of the damned sword - Soul Edge. Besides making an uproar in the world martial arts Soul Calibur , it cannot be denied that this sword is indeed very unique & iconic.

    Not only is it the most dangerous heirloom in the Soul Calibur series , Soul Edge also has a very fierce design and is truly capable of representing great power in it. Uniquely, Soul Edge has a variety of different views in each series, all of which still look "evil" & "deadly" with the characteristics of the eye that is always there.

    5. Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda Series)

    It has appeared in all the series of The Legend of Zelda , the Master Sword of course has become an heirloom that sounds familiar to our ears. Similar to the story of the legend of King Arthur's Excalibur sword, as a legendary heirloom, the Master Sword cannot be used carelessly by anyone.

    The image for the master sword

    The person who can use the Master Sword is only a pure-hearted, wise person who is able to prove himself worthy, for example, like Link. The minimalist but elegant design, as well as the incredible power of stat, make this sword an ideal heritage in each series of The Legend of Zelda .

    4. Rebellion (Devil May Cry Series)

    Related image

    One of the most interesting things in Devil May Cry is the type of weapon that is presented is very diverse, but from it all, Dante's sword seems to be the most memorable. Not only a mere heirloom, Dante's main weapons are given names like living things, such as the twin pistols of Ebony & Evory, and of course Rebellion swords.

    Since the first series up to the fifth series, Dante will still hold the Rebellion as its flagship weapon. But in a Devil May Cry V trailer launched by Capcom , a broken Rebellion is seen in the hands of the main antagonist - Urizen. So what is the fate of Rebellion? let's just wait for Devil May Cry V to be released next year.

    3. Blades of Chaos (God of War Series)

    Image for kratos

    In all of the God of War series, Kratos uses a chain sword - Blade of Chaos as his flagship weapon, including the latest God of War that has just carried the 2018 Game of the Year. Has a fairly short but strung with long chains, Blade of Chaos looks to have unique mechanism.

    Related image

    It was the chain sword that helped Kratos carry out various brutal acts, including killing the gods at Olympus. Therefore, he tried leaving the Blade of Chaos and replaced it with Leviathan Ax, but Kratos still couldn't do it.

    2. Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts Series)

    Related image

    A key shaped sword? that's a unique concept that is presented in Kingdom Hearts , not only has the world unique, the various weapons presented also feel anti-mainstream. Besides being very effective in fighting, Keyblade also has a function as the name implies, which is used as a "key".

    Image results for keyblade

    Keyblade can be used to open or lock a keyhole that can take the user to another dimension. Keyblade itself has lots of variations, but of course the most iconic & most often encountered is the Keyblade of the main protagonist - Sora

    1. Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

    Related image

    Apart from the attractive appearance, what makes Cloud one of the most iconic characters in the Final Fantasy franchise? The answer is of course the weapon that he uses - Buster Sword, the weapon is a giant sword that looks really cool.

    Image results for alange zack and cloud

    Besides that, Buster Sword itself holds a very moving story in it, which in the end can fall into Cloud's hands. Not only a mere sword, the Buster Sword is a rope that connects the emotional bond of friendship between Angeal Hewley, Zack Fair, & Cloud Strife.

    That's the 7 most iconic swords in a video game, according to you, where is the most iconic & memorable sword?

    Rate this article 7 of the most iconic swords in video games!

    (4.75/5) 12 rates


    great job

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    21 december 2018 08:33

    Good job with this! Although maybe next time try using smaller headings

    21 december 2018 00:42

    try using smaller headings

    21 december 2018 07:53

    good job

    22 december 2018 03:29

    Rebellion is my favorite, nice article btw

    23 december 2018 12:11

    Feel kinda dissapointed that I didnt find the diamond sword from minecraft

    21 december 2018 13:03

    Great job

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